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 Dorian Grey (Faery)

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Name: Dorian Grey

Gender: Male

Appearance Age: 20

True Age: 20

Description: Cold and reserved are the words that would perfectly describe Dorian Grey. With the beauty and wit of one belonging to the Fae, he possess what many would label as perfection; and he knows it. He is very conceited and finds it hard to get over himself to care for anybody, except maybe his twin brother, Derek. For is brother, he tries to bring out this side, striving to be sensitive and almost human-like. He is also a perfectionist, mostly due to the fact that he is only half Faery and therefore subject to skepticism from all other Faeries. Very quick to anger if his vanity, character, or origins are challenged. His physical appearance is quite the opposite of his personality. His golden hair attracts all eyes when it hits the sun just right, his blue eyes shine with joy the he never feels, and his skin is smooth, inviting anyone to touch or caress it's smooth surface. His heighth soars had 6'1, making him perfect for a job that uses intimidation as a main skill. His build is the a happy median between muscular and litheness.

History: Dorian Grey's story starts with a tragic tale of his parents. Adel Veelia was one of the Faery, quite high up in their ranks, who found her life quite lacking. On one of her many excursions into the human world, Adel ran into a swarthy, dark shadow hunter John Grey. The match was almost immediate.
Secrecy was a must if a Faery and a Shadowhunter were to be allowed to me, fall in love even. At first, the two were quite careful and attentive to the danger that they were dealing with, taking extra precautions to keep their affair hidden from skeptical eyes.
However, one day a Faery guard from the inner Seelie Court, after noticing how often Adel visited the human world, chose to follow her out. He tracked her all the way to her meeting spot, but dared not reveal himself before her 'other' showed up; he needed proof that she was committing the crime. John soon arrived, and, before he even had time to embrace his love, the Faery guard revealed himself. Announcing that many more Faery guards were on their to take the two, Adel and John found themselves quite captured.
The Faery were not allowed to hold the Shadowhunter for long; his brethren soon came to take him back to their world. As punishment, he was stripped of his position and powers, and cast off into a completely mundane life style.
Adel, on the other hand, was kept in the darkest cell of the Seelie prison. No crime, tainted with such scandal and betrayal, had ever been committed before. To make matters even worse, Adel was soon found to be pregnant. However, she was far too along to allow any chance of the child being aborted without endangering the mother. So, expecting a child, Adel was greeted with two beuatiful baby boys. Her grieving heart that had been tearing since the moment her John was taken away from her started to heal as she held her baby boys. But her joy was short lived. Her boys were soon taken away from her to be studied and inspected.
The investigation discovered that both boys were not of the Faery race. One boy took more from his father, and therefore was destined to be a Shadowhunter. The Faery would not have a Shadowhunter in their midst, and, after many pleadings from Adel, decided against killing it outright, and instead left it for a lowly Shadowhunter family to raise. The Faery child was adopted by another well off family in the Seelie Court, after the mother was deemed unfit to care for him. Driven to extreme depression by the absence of any warm joy in her life, Adel chose to end her life.
Dorian Grey was raised knowing of his parents story. Many mocked him for being half a Faery, but many other pitied him for the weight of the tragedy. He now lives out his life in the care of his adoptive family and is positioned as a high ranking Seelie Guard. He still finds time to converse secretly with his brother.

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Dorian Grey (Faery)
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