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 Derek Grey (Shadowhunter)

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PostSubject: Derek Grey (Shadowhunter)   Derek Grey (Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 6:02 pm

Name: Derek Grey

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Description: Derek's appearance is the exact same as his identical twin, but he uses it differently. Same golden hair and blue eyes. His skin is a little darker, but still as soft and smooth as Dorian's. Where Dorian uses his height to intimidate, Derek uses his to be of help, whether in a fight or in getting something off the top shelf for a shorter person. A little more muscular than his brother due to the work he did while with his adoptive parents.

History: Dorian Grey's story starts with a tragic tale of his parents. Adel Veelia was one of the Faery, quite high up in their ranks, who found her life quite lacking. On one of her many excursions into the human world, Adel ran into a swarthy, dark shadow hunter John Grey. The match was almost immediate.
Secrecy was a must if a Faery and a Shadowhunter were to be allowed to me, fall in love even. At first, the two were quite careful and attentive to the danger that they were dealing with, taking extra precautions to keep their affair hidden from skeptical eyes.
However, one day a Faery guard from the inner Seelie Court, after noticing how often Adel visited the human world, chose to follow her out. He tracked her all the way to her meeting spot, but dared not reveal himself before her 'other' showed up; he needed proof that she was committing the crime. John soon arrived, and, before he even had time to embrace his love, the Faery guard revealed himself. Announcing that many more Faery guards were on their to take the two, Adel and John found themselves quite captured.
The Faery were not allowed to hold the Shadowhunter for long; his brethren soon came to take him back to their world. As punishment, he was stripped of his position and powers, and cast off into a completely mundane life style.
Adel, on the other hand, was kept in the darkest cell of the Seelie prison. No crime, tainted with such scandal and betrayal, had ever been committed before. To make matters even worse, Adel was soon found to be pregnant. However, she was far too along to allow any chance of the child being aborted without endangering the mother. So, expecting a child, Adel was greeted with two beuatiful baby boys. Her grieving heart that had been tearing since the moment her John was taken away from her started to heal as she held her baby boys. But her joy was short lived. Her boys were soon taken away from her to be studied and inspected.
The investigation discovered that both boys were not of the Faery race. One boy took more from his father, and therefore was destined to be a Shadowhunter. The Faery would not have a Shadowhunter in their midst, and, after many pleadings from Adel, decided against killing it outright, and instead left it for a lowly Shadowhunter family to raise. The Faery child was adopted by another well off family in the Seelie Court, after the mother was deemed unfit to care for him. Driven to extreme depression by the absence of any warm joy in her life, Adel chose to end her life.
Derek Grey lived out his childhood in the humble home of his adoptive family. They loved him as if he were their blood related son, as he did them. They lived in the country so, their was much work to be done. Derek love for the country grew, and anytime he was forced to leave, he would always long for the warm touch of the sun, and the cool caress of the green grasses. However, on his 16th birthday, his parents shipped him off to the Institute, hoping he'd excel better as a Shadowhunter if he trained with higher Shadowhunters. Derek missed his country home and his parents often, but found it easy to integrate into the Institute.
Concerning his twin, Dorian, Derek's parents never hid the fact that he had a twin. They even helped him find a way to communicate with him, pitying the two in their tragic situation.

Personality: Warm and happy are the words that would describe Derek Gray. No matter how bad the situation, Derek can always find the silver lining. His optimism might sometimes cloud is judgment while out on Shadowhunter duty, but he is still a formidable opponent and not afraid to kill if necessary. His wit is sharp and shares his knowledge willingly. It takes a lot to bring Derek to even the beginnings of anger. Joking and fun, he is the exact opposite of his brother

Likes: Winning the battle for good, helping out, swimming, making someone laugh, and playing guitar

Dislikes:Killing for no apparent reason, failing anything, judgmental people

Weapon of Choice: The classic sword works for him

Relationship Status; With who: Single

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Derek Grey (Shadowhunter)
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