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  Aurora Mason (Warlock)

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PostSubject: Aurora Mason (Warlock)   Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:16 am

Name: Aurora Mason

Gender: Female

Appearance Age: 17

True Age: 600

Description: Aurora is a tall, innocent looking teen. She has natural deep purple hair and eyes as blue and as piercing as ice. She can be kind and gentle, but has rapid mood swings and random flash backs because of her unfortunate past. Aurora's cheeks are almost always pinkish red. She can be shy and bashful. Almost always embarrassed.

History: When she was just a young warlock, she was abandoned, because she looked younger she was sent to foster homes and such until she found a place to stay with other warlocks. Her flashbacks are because of the child abuse she received from multiple homes.

Personality: Curious, Spunky, Entertaining, Sassy,

Likes: Warm and relaxing days, helping people, throwing parties, friends

Dislikes: Hurting people because of flashbacks and mood swings, rainy days, being stuck inside

Special Ability: Can heal people and create purple fire

Relationship Status; With who: Single/Lesbian


Other: None
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Aurora Mason (Warlock)
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