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 Gabriel Goldhawk

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PostSubject: Gabriel Goldhawk   Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:43 pm


Gabriel Goldhawk






Just like all Goldhawks Gabriel has Amber eyes and Tawny hair which he keeps long he has a very masculine stance and body tone, with his arms and chest being a particular muscular area. This is mostly because of the Goldhawk's traditional use of Longbows and Cross bows. A Goldhawk missing their mark it is almost unheard of.


Gabriel was born and raised in Idris Gabriel was never really overly popular but had a close group of friends that hew grew up with. Intelligent and agile Gabriel was the typical Goldhawk. He didn't leave until he was 16 when he was old enough in his parents eyes to discover the world for himself. His father and mother trained him in everything he knew from survival and killing to painting and musical arts. Both parents are still alive and had Gabriel fairly young therefore they are still very active shadowhunters. Gabriels particular Historic moment is mastering the bow his preferred weapon of choice. Still living in Idris alone he has several 'safe' houses dotted around the world which belong to his Family the Goldhawks.


Witty and smart Gabriel is a hand full at the best of times, he often hides his emotions through jokes and sarcasm but when you can break his tough exterior shell you really see who he is.


Archery, Cooking, Hiking, Hawking, Horse riding, Hunting Demons, Night clubs, Art.


Demon's, Traffic, Strawberry Jam.

Weapon of Choice:

Bow and Arrow.

Relationship Status; With who:



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Gabriel Goldhawk
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