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 Coming in to say HI!

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Coming in to say HI! Empty
PostSubject: Coming in to say HI!   Coming in to say HI! I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2014 8:55 pm

Hey guys!

I am a little behind the times and just started reading the second to last book but I do some non-immortal instrument writing and after reading four of the books I had to check out and see if there was any such thing. I was surprised to find so many but as I soon found out they were very inactive.

My names Jake and i'm 20 (21 in October) and really enjoy books about nephillim and the things the mortal instruments provide I also have read Divergent, Fallen, Starcrossed, Hunger games and like a million other books. I'm in the British Army currently serving in Canada, which you make think is crazy if i'm some kinda book worm but it gets me through all the hardships and just getting my head stuck in a book is like getting away into another world is the best feeling.

I am also a massive sports fan and Enjoy Football, Rugby, basketball, fishing and to be honest most if not any sports. Im also the same for music if I like the tune regardless of who or what it is Ill listen to it!

I hope to find some of you guys out there to write with even if its a few things but this is me and yeah :-)

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Coming in to say HI!
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