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 Abby Nightingale

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PostSubject: Abby Nightingale   Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:27 pm

{Full Name} Abby Nightingale

{Gender} Female

{Age} Sixteen {16}


{Wolf Appearance}

{Species} Werewolf

{Attitude} Attitude describes her perfectly. She has a short temper, which could lead to trouble. She states her mind no matter if it's rude or not. She doesn't care what others think of her, but if you judge her without getting to know her (That's a warning). Other than all of that, she's very fun to be around, If you’re up for things like partying. She's very outgoing and doesn't like to be told what to do.

{Powers} She can shift into a wolf

{Weapons} Other than her teeth and claws she usually has a blade of some sort with her at all times

{History} Abby wasn't your normal teenager. In fact she's still not normal (Define normal please?) her personality has a lot to do with her history. when she was a toddler her parents separated and she lived with her mom. She's never seen her dad since the split up. Anyways her mom remarried and the new husband beat Abby. When Abby was bitten, the first time she transformed was in front of her dad. He ended up in an insane asylum and she ended up running away from home. That's pretty much all there is to know.


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Abby Nightingale
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