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 Demon in the Street [Open to Anyone]

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Ilse Rosenthal

Ilse Rosenthal

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PostSubject: Demon in the Street [Open to Anyone]   Demon in the Street [Open to Anyone] I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 7:50 pm

Demon in the Street [Open to Anyone] Picnikcollage1-1

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It was an icy night in New York City as Ilse Rosenthal strutted down the paved sidewalk, admiring the way it sparkled in the light of the street lamps. Although it was late, it was New York. Women bustled by in their stilettos, men passed with their briefcases, and the homeless lay in a heap. Crossing her arms to keep warm, Ilse quickly passed by a suspicious-looking man, who was raising his eyebrows and sickly grinning at her, to join the crowd of what looked to be harmless tourists. Ilse breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that she wasn't far from Nightfall, where her acquaintances were- her friends.

There it was- Nightfall, the glowing teen club where she could relax and escape her studies at the Institute. A line of teens stretched as far as she could see. Quickly, so she could get in before it closed, Ilse jogged to the back of the line, three buildings down. She stood behind an apparent couple, for they were necking and practically making out in the street. Could someone say PDA? Ilse turned to face the building they were standing by- a cheap deli, which appeared to be closed, as it was dark inside. The girl faced the line again and noticed that they she and the pair had not moved even an inch, but the rest of the line had.

Trying to not be rude, Ilse commented to herself, loudly, "The line moved. That was quick."

No response.

The girls kept going and soon they were far behind. "Excuse me, but the line has moved- a lot," she said, about to lose her temper. Ilse began angrily tapping her boot. She would've jumped in line ahead of them, but that wouldn't be nice. That wouldn't be nice at all. She already felt bad about saying something to them. Time was passing. Were her friends really in there? Would they miss her? She hoped not. Ilse couldn't stand in this anymore. Besides, it kind of felt nice outside; she could go for a stroll.


Ilse spotted an alleyway not far away. She wandered away from the line, pushing away all the bad thoughts that wanted to linger in the back of her mind. Besides, it felt like something was pulling her towards the alley, almost as if she had to be there. There was no mistaking that feeling.


The alley was dimly-lit, cold, and empty. Ilse could see her breath. Not only her breath, but a figure coming her way.

It looked lizard-like, somewhat scaly and big. In the dim light she could see it glittering. As it approached, Ilse saw more detail. There was a thick line of serrated teeth running along its forehead where eyes should be, and there was another mouth on the lower part of its face as well, fanged with dripping tusks. The narrow tail was the glittering thing, Ilse had noticed when it moved, but she didn't notice until then that it was edged with razor-sharp lines of bone. It had talons that looked like stingers on a scorpion.

Ilse knew what this was. She had read it in a book.

It was an Ahiab demon. Ahiabs rape before they kill.


Ilse panicked and fumbled for a weapon of some sort in her pockets, but all she could find was her stele. How could she have been so stupid? A Shadowhunter was to always be armed and she wasn't. All she could do was try and hope it would be like in the books, where someone always happened to appear at your aid. But this is life. Life isn't fair.

"Crap," she moaned, her chocolate brown eyes watering.

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Demon in the Street [Open to Anyone]
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