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 Isadore Snow (shadowhunter)

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PostSubject: Isadore Snow (shadowhunter)   Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:18 pm

I am sorry if I do this wrong...I have used forums before but usually Proboards, though I could sadly find none that had to do with this series and were active. I hope this works.

Name: Isadore Snow

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Description: Isadore is not what she herself would consider short, though many around her still choose to refer to her as such. Still, she ignores there taunts allowing for other aspects of her physique to come in handing. Standing at 5 foot 2 inches Isadore may appear small to most, but under that short stature is a lot of power. Her stomach is flat with a bit of muscle able to be seen when she moves, not quite a four pack but the build of one showing. She has a rather curvy figure, but is more fit than most girls her age due to many years of training to be a powerful shadowhunter. Her body is shaped like an hourglass, from her c-cups to her size 3 waist along with a very robust bottom. Her skin tone is a natural light tan, though during the summer due to hours in sunlight one might see her with a bit of darker skin. She has, as most shadowhunters do, very beautiful and intricate tattoos adorning her arms, torso, and hands. Her hair is long, reaching to her lower back, and a deep warm red, naturally. Her eyes are magnificent blue-green pools of mystery. Always hiding secrets in their depths. Her lips are smooth and rose pink, slightly plump but not overly so and her face is adorned with slight freckles that she herself does not care for.

History: Isadore was born in Iris on October 18th, 1994. Her parents were very respectable Shadowhunters named Aldora Snow and Bion Snow, feared by many downworlders but liked as equally by their fellow shadowhunters. When Isadore was only six years old she was visiting New York with her parents and while they were on their way to go see a musical they were attacked by demons. As Isadore hid at her parents command she watched in horror, witnessing the murder of her two parents, the only people in the world who had ever shown her love and affection. Not only did she witness that but she noticed there were vampires watching the entire scene with a look of pure amusement on their faces...they had done nothing...nothing to help her parents. Since that day Isadore has held a very palpable distaste for vampires.

Shortly after the death of her parents she was taken to an institute, where most orphan Shadowhunter children are taken, to start out her training. She learned fast and worked hard, becoming a very agile, swift, and strong warrior. Certainly not the best in the world, but one of the toughest out there. She had a strong charismatic attitude, but lacked social skills. It wasn't that she was shy, she just hadn't been very into talking to many others since her parents passing. So she held back, kept to herself, believing that it was best she stay alone so that no one she loved would ever be ripped out of her life again. This caused some loneliness to her, seeing as how she never had many real friends, but the solitary life wasn't one that she minded too much.

Now being 18 Isadore is considered an adult so she has been on plenty of hard missions and killed plenty of demons. Her tattoos grew over the years, covering her body in beautiful mystical markings. She remains living at the institute to this day, not having been back to Iris since before her parents death, and is restless. She loves the institute, but feels as if something is missing.

Personality: Some people describe the weather as finicky, never deciding what it wants to be, while others may describe the weather as concrete, strong, and beautiful, knowing what it wants to be and making up it's mind about it. A lot of people may use weather to describe Isadore's personality, one might use anything to describe her personality, though it is hard to put it into concrete factual words. On most days Isadore is quiet and reserved, not speaking out of turn and doing what her job is. She is normally found in the library when not on some dire mission, immersed in some fictional novel. On other days Isadore is the quiet before the storm, calm but deadly. You can see in her eyes a fire brewing, her lips tremble often when she feels the need to speak out, to be sarcastic or like the sharp electric shock of the lightening, yet she is able to contain herself, able to hold back that anger, that longing to lash out. And then there are the days of the storm, the days when her eyes have dark clouds behind them, when you can feel the thunder reverberating off her skin as she walks through the room. On those days she often will "tell you how it is" because it is on those days when she wants to be herself, her true self. Those days when she wants to have a say, to let people know that she is here, she is alive, she is solid, she exists.

But...those days are seldom and few, because Isadore is most like a warm spring day, the ones with the perfect weather. Sun in the sky, cool relaxing breeze flowing through your hair, clear blue sky. She is so mysterious, hiding her own agony behind her smooth and calmly collected face. When she walks through the room you may not even notice her, you may feel that slight fresh breath of air and think to yourself "Oh, it's spring" and then dismiss it. That's Isadore.

She has never thought very highly in her looks, choosing to wear mostly skinny jeans and t-shirts or tanktops, but she knows her strength and will use force when necessary. Unlike most Shadowhunters she doesn't boast or brag when she fights, she communicates with her eyes. Those storms brewing behind them. And sometimes...just sometimes..you can see the slight quirk of her lip.

-skinny jeans

-Being stuck in one place for too long

Weapon of Choice: Daggers

Relationship Status; With who: Single

Picture: http://prntscr.com/zyvno <==photobucket was being weird so I hope this works.

^If that doesn't work tell me and I will try again

Other: A crescent shaped scar on her lower back

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PostSubject: Re: Isadore Snow (shadowhunter)   Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Isadore Snow (shadowhunter)   Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:56 pm

Thank you! I'm glad I did it right ^^ Still trying to get used to the way this forum works (:
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PostSubject: Re: Isadore Snow (shadowhunter)   

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Isadore Snow (shadowhunter)
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