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 Jackson O'Riley(Werewolf)

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King Oliver

King Oliver

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PostSubject: Jackson O'Riley(Werewolf)   Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:00 am

Name: Jackson (Jax) O’Riley

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Human Description: Stands about 5’10 with a muscular build and broad shoulders. Dark brown hair that is often unkempt and messy, sticking up every which way since he couldn’t be bothered to fix it. Grey eyes that always look kind of sleepy and disinterested, except when narrowed in a glare. Has a long silvery scar that runs from his right temple to nearly his mouth in a diagonal slash that turns down the corner of his eye and lips on the right side ever so slightly and a smattering of other scars decorating his body in various places. His voice is gruff but usually quiet, has a soft Irish borage that is most prominent when he is angry.

Wolf Description: Brown fur that looks just as messy as his human hair, the same bored grey eyes.

History: Jax was adopted by a poor family in Ireland when he was just a baby, adopted for the sole purpose of growing up to be a farm hand for the otherwise children less family. His only knowledge of his birth parents resides with a leather necklace with a small hand carved wolf pendant that was left with him at the orphanage. The family raised him as their own, until after his tenth birthday when strange things began to happen. The first time he changed, he nearly went mad from the pain. Waking up naked the next morning in the field of their farm, three dead sheep torn to pieces around him. It didn’t take long for his parents to catch on, regarding him as a monster though instead of throwing him out, his father found a better use for the creature that had once been his son. Once Jax could control his change, the man began to enter him in dog fights, the first few times he lost, nearly losing his life in the process only his healing abilities keeping him alive. Though after he began to get comfortable in his wolf form, he began to win. His father dragged him all across Northern Ireland to enter him in fights so the locals wouldn’t catch on to the wolf-dog that could heal almost instantly. It wasn’t until he was fifteen that he began to fight back against the man, refusing to fight for him any longer and when the man lashed out at him with the silver blade he carried as protection against the ‘Monster’, Jax ripped his throat out and ran as fast as he could away from the sounds of his mother screaming and the only life he had ever known.

He traveled around Europe, spending time in England for a while, coming across a couple packs, trying to learn about what he was but he could never settle down, never quite fitting into pack society. When he was twenty, he stowed away on a cargo ship to the states where he continued to wander, ending up in Manhattan and stumbling across the pack there. Seeking somewhere to call home, he joined the pack though still cant quite manage to fit in.

Personality: Jax is quiet and stoic, he is unlikely to be the one to start a conversation. He can be skittish, especially when it comes to physical interaction. Though he tends to be reserved, he also has a fierce temper and will handle any confrontation with violence instead of words. He is socially inept and doesn’t get many social cues, never having spent much time around groups of people.

Being alone

Large groups of people
Being touched

Relationship Status; With who:

Picture:  photo norman-reedus-sooo-foyy-large-msg-130368160451.jpg

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King Oliver

King Oliver

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PostSubject: Re: Jackson O'Riley(Werewolf)   Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:01 am

I apologize if this is completely incoherent... It's really late here. Razz

Oh an I accept myself!!
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Jackson O'Riley(Werewolf)
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