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 Anastasia Night (mundane with the sight)

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PostSubject: Anastasia Night (mundane with the sight)   Anastasia Night (mundane with the sight) I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 1:40 pm

Name: Anastasia Night

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Description: Anastasia stands at five foot six, weighing in at 125 pounds. Despite being a mundane throughout her life she had been very sporty, for a few years she even took a self defense class so she does have some muscle, just not as much as a shadowhunter or downworlder might. Her natural hair color is a dark brown yet she constantly keeps it a bright cotton candy pink color. Despite all of the dying and bleaching done to her hair she takes extremely good care of it thus is remains long, soft, and luxurious. Her face is set with gray-green eyes, long curling eyelashes, soft pink lips, and a piercing on her right nostril. Her cheeks are always colored rose pink naturally and her skin is soft and smooth to the touch.

History: Anastasia never knew her father growing up, he had left her mother when he found out she was pregnant. Anastasia never guessed the exact reason for this but she always thought it was because her mother was only 19 when she became pregnant and her father was scared. She did not know, nor did she care. If he wasn't interested in sticking around in her life, she wasn't interested in knowing anything about his. Anyone who ever saw Anastasia would have thought she was a completely normal child, with her long flowing brown hair, sparkling mischievous eyes, and outgoing personality, yet behind her home walls her mom knew she was different, that there was something wrong.

From a young age Anastasia had begun to see things, little pixies flying around in the park, big huge wolves running around at night, creatures with cat eyes or blue skin, dark scary shapes walking through the shadows of the alleys. She would reiterate what she saw to her mom constantly, and when she was in her young childhood years her mom had thought it was cute. She had a daughter with a very active imagination. But as she grew older, around 9-12, and was still saying she saw these things her mom began to grow frustrated. She took her to various psychologists who simply stated that she had an active imagination and would grow out of it eventually. Yet, sometimes Anastasia would wake in the middle of the night saying they came to her window wanting to talk, the pixies, and her mother was beginning to get even angrier. Soon she stopped taking her to the psychologists knowing they were a waste of money and no help at all. Instead, she took matters into her own hands. Anytime Anastasia spoke of these "creatures" she would be beaten, and very harshly.

Anastasia knew she was different, that something was wrong with her. Especially as she entered middle school and high school, still seeing these creatures as clear as day. She hated the beatings her mom gave her so she began to accept the fact that she was crazy, and she started to ignore the things she saw. Still, it was impossible to hide that she was different, so many of the people at her school made fun of her or avoided her. She was known as the "psycho girl." Still, she didn't give up. She was very intelligent, taking all AP or Honors courses in high school. And then one night it changed. A few months after she turned 16 she woke in the middle of the night feeling this weight on her chest. It was a figure, in the dark she couldn't tell which of the creatures it was but all she knew was that she was terrified. She let out a piercing scream and her mom came running in the room asking what was wrong. Anastasia kept pointing towards the creature "It's right there Mom! Right there! Why can't you see it?!" Her mother soon knew it was just another one of Anastasia's made up lies. So she beat her, beat her so bad that for two days Anastasia couldn't even get out of bed. After that Anastasia packed up her bags, took her car, and moved far away from her mom, all the way to New York City.

Now she holds a job and continues with school. It's a struggle, because of her continuation of taking higher level classes along with her job most nights she doesn't get any sleep. Though she enjoys the city and living here, she has been seeing even more of the creatures since her move. She has no friends except for the few she works with at Starbucks because she is too scared that they will find out about her problem and then think that she is weird. She came here to start a new life, and she will be damned if that is taken away.

Personality: Despite what she has gone through in her life Anastasia has a very outgoing and fiery personality. If it wasn't for the fact that she was so different, and if people had given her a chance, she most likely would have had a lot of friends in school. She could very well be described as eccentric given her somewhat crazy hair color and her hair brained memory. Though she is smart, sometimes she forgets silly things, such as putting on her shoes before heading to work. This is most likely due to her lack of sleep, which also contributes to her love (and addiction) to coffee. She is a very likeable person, always striving to make others laugh and smile, thus why many of the people and costumers that she works around love her. She can be heard singing while cleaning and even seen dancing while cleaning up in the late hours of the night. She has no idea what the word shy is, for she has never once felt that around anyone. Some may find that weird but considering she has never had a crush on anyone or felt the need to impress anyone, she has never felt the need to be shy. She is usually always found laughing or smiling, but she is not someone whom you want to get in an argument with. She can be very stubborn and sometimes very outspoken. When she knows she is right about something she will continue on with it until proven right. And if you ever decide to get into a fist fight with her, you may want to back down. She didn't take those self defense classes for nothing.

Despite all of this sometimes one can see how truly sad Anastasia is. At times late at night after her shift at work she will sit quietly in a corner booth with a warm cup of coffee studying and her eyes will drift outside. It is then that you will see a bit of madness in those eyes,for it is then that she allows herself to see what other cannot see. Still, even with all of her flaws she is a truly good person, and someone that many love to be around and are drawn to.

Making new friends
Going out

The things she sees
Being different
Being made fun of
Being hit

Relationship Status; With who: Single

Picture:  photo a4167f91-a993-4f0d-8487-c93c4b29cf57_zps7626575c.jpg

Other: She has the sight
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Anastasia Night (mundane with the sight)
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