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 Kieran MacCloud(Shadowhunter)

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PostSubject: Kieran MacCloud(Shadowhunter)   Kieran MacCloud(Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 8:07 pm

Name: Kieran MacCloud

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: Tall and lean. Stands at about 6’2 with broad shoulders and a lean, muscular build. He has shorter silky black hair that tends to spike up from a lack of caring and his habit of running his hands through his hair. His skin is pale, porcelain white from living in a place that has more rain than sun. His eyes are huge and bright blue, giving him a look of innocents that clashes with his mischievous nature.

History: Born in Edinburgh, Scotland to the heads of the Scottish institute, Kieran has led a comfortable, easy life. His parents had never been high up in the Claive and other than their typical duties, tried to distance themselves from the politics of the Nephilim so they were never strict about the rules of the shadowhunters. Downworlders were often visitors at the Institute, his parents viewing them as equals rather than as enemies. When he was eight, a recently orphaned shadowhunter by the name of Luna Coleman came to the Institute. At first Kieran avoided the girl, having grown up around downworlders more than Nephilim children but it didn’t take too long for the two to become friends and they have been inseparable ever since. Onlookers often mistake them for siblings with the way that they behave, neither one going anywhere without the other. She is his partner in crime as well has his Parabatai and he would not only kill but die for her as well. At 13, his parents sat him down to explain that he needed to stop running wild and begin to take things more seriously, because when he was old enough, he would have to marry and take control of the Institute. The concept of behaving and having so much responsibility terrified him, and he did everything he could to blow his parents off, making it very clear that he had no intention of every being serious and living a boring, important life. At 15, he finally convinced Luna to run away with him, and leave their sheltered comfortable life behind them. They have traveled around to different countries, staying in different Institutes and playing around in downworld. Kieran is a talented shadowhunter but he has never taken it too seriously, he’d rather be having fun rather than killing demons so he has a hard time fitting in at the more strict Institutes.

Personality: Kieran is care-free, never taking anything in life too seriously. He can make a joke out of anything and tries to avoid serious situations the best he can. He often angers adults with his child like antics and lack of interest in matters of importance. Always the jokester, he likes to see how far he can push people before they snap. He enjoys the company of downworlders, sometimes enjoying their company over his own kind and is a frequent at downworld parties, much to the distaste of his Nephilim superiors. He loves attention and will do what he can to get it from anybody, good or bad. Keiran will do anything for a good time, regardless of the danger or taboo. Male, female, shadowhunter, downworlder, he could care less as long as they like to have a good time and won’t try to tell him what to do. Luna is the only one who has seen his serious, emotional side and the only one who knows him as anything more than superficial. Luna is his anchor to the real world and the only thing that keeps him grounded.

Being flirted with
People who make him laugh


Weapon of Choice:
He would avoid the whole messy business if he could but he is a master with a bow and arrow. The farther away, the better.

Relationship Status; With who:
Parabatai- Luna Coleman
He is so very single.

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Kieran MacCloud(Shadowhunter)
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