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PostSubject: Zane(Warlock)   Zane(Warlock) I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 06, 2013 1:39 am

Human name- Haru Nakamura
Goes by- Zane

Gender: Male

Appearance Age: Early 20’s

True Age: 250

Description: Zane is Japanese, tall and slender with silky black hair and bizarre silvery eyes that clash with his Asian appearance. His warlock mark, other than his eyes, is random small patches of silvery blue fish-like scales that decorate his skin. His most noticeable patch just beneath his right eye.


Personality: Zane is quirky and a little off-kilter. He dances to the beat of his own drum, though he doesn’t really know it. He is absolutely obsessed with the mundane world and fascinated by their society and most of all, their mortality. He tries desperately to blend in with mundanes but fails miserably. He is a very powerful warlock and is very successful, though he is lacking in many other areas. Social etiquette being the area he fails most at. He has never learned how to function closely with others, mundane or downworlder alike and doesn’t understand how society and relationships work. This doesn’t stop him from having a huge group of friends, mainly for the fact that he enjoys the nicer things in life and has no problem sharing his wealth and luxurious home with anyone. There is almost always a crowd around him.

Designer clothing
Drinking, a lot
Fast, expensive cars

Boring people
Being sober

Special Ability: He is an especially talented healer and gets lots of business because of it. Even though he finds it taxing and dreadfully boring.

Relationship Status; With who:

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