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 Emmaline Barnette (Warlock)

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PostSubject: Emmaline Barnette (Warlock)   Emmaline Barnette (Warlock) I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 06, 2013 9:03 pm

Name: Emmaline Barnette

Gender: Female

Appearance Age: 19

True Age: 19

Description: Emma has chestnut brown colored hair that falls just past her shoulder in gentle waves. Her eyes are a deep, stormy gray that brighten and darken with her mood. Her skin is pale due to the many years her mother kept her hidden away in their manor. She is skinny in build, but not stick thin thanks to her love of cooking. She is average in height. Her wings are her favorite feature, measuring 12 feet from tip to tip. They are a startling, snowy white and soft to the touch.  

History: Emma rarely looks back on her life before Zane took her in. Her mother was tricked like all the many before her into conceiving a half-demon, half-human offspring, more commonly known as a warlock. She detested Emma from the very moment she gazed down at the barely there wings with their soft fluff. But, instead of casting the child off, Emma’s mother locked her away. Eleanor Barnette was the French Ambassador and news of a freak-of-nature daughter would end her career in seconds. Emma was never allowed to leave her darkened room, unless summoned by Eleanore personally. Which rarely happened. Emma’s childhood and most of her teenage years were spent in this solitary existent, finding one solitary friend in the elderly cuisine chef her mother kept to cook all their meals. He’d encourage Emma’s ever growing rebellious side, never telling a soul about the hours she’d spend with her wings stretched to their full length. Emma never knew how her mother found out, but, one day her lone friend never showed up. Knowing her friend to well to think he’d just forgotten, Emma’s rage spurred her on to confront her mother. Years of resentment burst forth from both mother and daughter. Eleanor revealed the little that she did know about what Emma was, more out of anger than any true regret. It wasn’t much to run with, but the words still filled Emma with a vast relief. There had to be other’s out in the city like her. And, she was going to find them. That very night, Emma found her way out of her seclusion and ventured out into the unknown. Her confusion with practically everything made it quite hard to get anywhere, let alone to find other people like her. However, her luck added up in the end. She ended up in a sort of half-way house that, unbeknownst to her, catered to every type of rogue Downworlder.The people of the house had spotted Emma a mile away and pretended to care for her. They gave her a brief glimpse of what they all were and what she was, scaring her more than helping her. All they really sought was to exploit the power that she herself hadn’t even begun to tap into. Fortunately, before they were able to do this, a curious warlock came calling. Emma had no idea why, but she trusted him almost immediately and never questioned why he’d singled her out. Zane promised her a home, knowledge, and a good party every now and then. After a few months at Zane’s apartment, Emma knew so much more about she was and about what she was capable of. True, some of the things she saw still had the power to scare her, but what was more scary was the thought of going back to the cold ignorance of before. She still stumbles, figuratively and literally, and is nowhere near the skill level of an average warlock. But, Zane’s quirky smiles and helpful lessons leave her ending each day hoping for a future in which she’ll rival even him for power.

Personality: Emma is as timid as a mouse around those she doesn’t know well, thanks to the fear of the unknown her past has instilled in her. However, her relative success in her new life has given her a new hope that can be seen in the sweet, yet still cautious, smile she reveals to just about everyone. To those few who are close to her, Emma is bright and playful. Her odd moments are deemed more adorable than awkward. Her lack of self-confidence creates a few bad days, but the good ones are far more numberable.




Dirty Jokes (surprisingly)


Country Music



Being alone

The dark



Special Ability: Work in progress

Relationship Status; With who:

Picture:Emmaline Barnette (Warlock) Tumblr_static_beautiful-girl-blue-eyes-dark-hair-favim.com-464476_large

Other: Zane convinced her to dye the tips of her wings in a rainbow of colors, in hopes that she’d come to accept that more as a part of her.
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Emmaline Barnette (Warlock)
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