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 Onyx BlackStone (ShadowHunter)

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PostSubject: Onyx BlackStone (ShadowHunter)   Onyx BlackStone (ShadowHunter) I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 13, 2013 11:57 pm

Name: Oonyx BlackStone

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Description: Onyx BlackStone is a very tall and confident girl. She walks with her head high and she's fearless. She has Has Dark brown hair with dark gray eyes that remind people of clouds. She has Dark long eyelashes that tend to cast a small shadow over her eyes. Onyx Is tall, About 5'8 and is a very skilled ShawdowHunter, Especially with a throwing knife. Her skin is very tan and soft as Silk, even though she battles numerous Demons and devious Downworlders. Onyx Has a light British accent from when she lived back in London but Since she moved to Brooklyn, She seems to be loosing it a little.

History: Blackstone was Born and raise in the heart of London England. Her mother, Ruby hallowburn, was the inquisitor of the Engclave and her father, Milles Blackstone, a fervent Shadowhunter that supported every decision by his wife. They raised her to be one of the best shadowhunters out there by sending her off to Idris to get the Best Shadowhunting education she could but Onyx didn't really have an interest in it. She would just Daydream through her classes and never really paid attention. around the age of 14, She Started to cause quite some trouble soo her parents were called to Idris do discuss weather she should attend the school or not. Her parents made the final decision of bringing her back home, she had let them down. When the Blackstone's Arrived home, A family feud erupted between onyx and her parents who accused her of not wanting to be part of anything, always doing on purpose to make things difficult and find a way to humiliate them. She ran out of the house More angry then she had ever been. She walk for what seemed like hours. When she finally calmed some and went back home, He parents were gone. She soon discovered that they had been dragged out of there home and into the night by demons during an attack. Many disappear that night. Later on in the week, her parents bodies along with others were discovered slaughtered for a demonic ritual. From that day on, Onyx swore she would make her parents proud. She Felt horrible about never actually getting to apologize to them and she hated herself for not being the perfect daughter they wanted. She decided she would avenge their death by becoming the best shadowhunter who ever lived and make up for what she had done. She returned to the school in Idris, trained and trained and practiced, never letting up. She became well know in Idris as the girl Who was fearless and quickly became one of the best shadowhunters alive. She wouldn't allow other wise. She started to move around, Where ever the duties took her and She swore one last thing before she though herself into battle, She would Find the Demons responsible for her parents death and correct the wrong doing , even it meant dying.

Personality: Onyx is a headstrong person. She is a very very skilled shadowhunter, One of the best. She's a lone wolf and she doesn't like to show much emotion. She sais emotions are weaknesses that can be used against you and attachment to others only caused more trouble. She acts as if she lost all care but really she didn't. She tends to be a rule breaker and get into some trouble from time to time. Blackstone has a bad temper and will not hesitate to hurt someone physically But behind that shell of coldness, There is a little girl Who's angry at the world.. at herself. She thinks isolating herself from others and making them hate her is one of the best punishments she can get after what she did to her parents. Honestly, all she needs is someone who is willing to get to know her by seeing through het cold shell.

Likes: Reading/Travelling/demon slaying/

Dislikes: Rules !! And people who try to force her to do things, people who think they are better then her, and mostly herself.

Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives.

Relationship Status; With who: Single.. (All she needs is someone who will overlook her rudeness and actually take time to understand her and really get to know her.)

Picture: https://i.servimg.com/u/f55/18/56/78/08/thumb11.png (got it from Weheartit --> http://weheartit.com/tag/long%20black%20hair )

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PostSubject: Re: Onyx BlackStone (ShadowHunter)   Onyx BlackStone (ShadowHunter) I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 19, 2013 7:54 pm

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Onyx BlackStone (ShadowHunter)
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