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 Rika Kurosu/Cross (Shadowhunter)

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PostSubject: Rika Kurosu/Cross (Shadowhunter)   Rika Kurosu/Cross (Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 11:53 pm

Name: Rika Kurosu (Cross)
Gender: Female

Age: 17

Description: Rika has long, black hair which falls to her back. She dyed her hair violet when she moved to New York. Her face is small and heart-shaped, her eyes are black as coal. Her face suggests she looks younger than she really is. Rika appears to be 5'5" with her outfit that is from an Asian country. Her body frame is thin and lithe like a cat. She is also acrobatic and flexible.

History: Rika was born and raised in the countryside of Nagano, Japan. She had two parents. One Shadowhunter, one mundane with the sight to see through the glamour. Growing up in Japan, the myths of the Oni and other Japanese demons were something her culture has grown around. Although the stories of demons and fairytales might be true, Rika didn't want to believe they were real. Her father didnt want her to be frightened by the stories, but her mother insisted she must know the truth of the Nephilim world. The night of her 7th birthday came and there was a festival celebrating Halloween that day. Rika did not know her life was changed that night. Everyone in the town came celebrating the night with paper laterns and various gifts for the night. Children dressing up as various night creatures, but more importantly to honor their families ancestors. Food is set up at shrines and the festival began. Soon after, demons attacked. During the massacre, Rika's mother died protecting her.  The next day, her father explained to her that all the stories she heard, were true. He taught her all he knew about the unseen world of the Nephilim, including swordmanship. After that, she insisted they leave Japan and move to a place where they could start over. A place of freedom. They moved to the US when she was 15 and stayed in New York. Eventually, her father died from a demon bite and Rika was left alone. She wandered aimlessly in the streets of New York, protecting herself from demons and trying to not look crazy around the mundanes. Rika found out about the Institute and has lived there ever since.

Personality: She is introverted but she can speak her mind when she feels the need to. She also respectful of others and kind. Rika prefers to lead as she is adventurous that can sometimes get the best of her. She can stand on her own in a fight. She rarely gets mad but when she does, she doesn't think clearly and loses her calm demeanor. Overall,Rika enjoys being with her friends and having a good time when not fighting demons.

Fighting demons
Spending time with her friends

Dark places

Weapon of Choice:
Seraph blades that resemble daggers Rika Kurosu/Cross (Shadowhunter) E23e7c92

Relationship Status; With who:Single but is interested in boys

Rika Kurosu/Cross (Shadowhunter) Beauty-of-Young-Girl(Imagine the purple being black and the white lines a red color)

Other: While her father taught her how to fight with marital arts, being at the Institute helped her hone her skills as a Shadowhunter. She only fears vampires because her mother was killed by one. Rika wears the courage in combat and precision runes.

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PostSubject: Re: Rika Kurosu/Cross (Shadowhunter)   Rika Kurosu/Cross (Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 13, 2014 1:23 am

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Rika Kurosu/Cross (Shadowhunter)
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