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 Hana Fang (Werewolf)

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PostSubject: Hana Fang (Werewolf)   Hana Fang  (Werewolf) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 14, 2014 9:18 pm

Name:Hana Fang

Age: 4

Hana Fang  (Werewolf) Luna_l11

Human Description;She is 5'10 lanky and very skinny, pale blonde hair, pale blue-grey eyes, pale skin. She almost looks albino. Her hair is long enough to reach the small of her back and she is quite clumsy due to her lanky extremities.

Hana Fang  (Werewolf) Pale_w10

Wolf Description:Her wolf form is that of a almost fully grown wolf. She is small, but her coloring remains the same.

History:Hana's mother was the daughter of a prominent shadow hunter who decided to have a rebellious phase. She hooked up with a man in New York, unknown to her that he was a werewolf, and got pregnant. Hana, during the pregnancy, stayed in the form of a puppy most of the time. When she was born, she was in midway transformation. This led to her spine being slightly weaker than most werewolves or humans. Hana lived alone with her mother, aging as though a puppy would, but gradually slowing down and adopting the development style of a human. Although, she chose to stay in her wolf form for most of her childhood. One day, Iris decided that it was too stressful to continue to raise a child that was more dog than human. So, she took Hana out for a walk in human form, and left her in the park. Iris decided to become an Iron sister as repentance for her sins against nature. Hana searched the city for her mother, eventually finding a man named David Fang. He taught her about Werewolf culture and to keep her secret from humans. She's struggles with her identity, being half shadow hunter and half werewolf.

Personality:She is very friendly in her wolf form, much like an overly excited puppy. She is very naive when in her human form and often has dog like tendencies. She growls when she's angry and whines when she is worried.

Likes:Meat, running, stretchy dresses she can transform in, the moon, ice cream

Dislikes:Prejudice against downworlders, dogfood, the clave in general
Relationship Status;None,but she would like someone

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Hana Fang (Werewolf)
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