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 Ren Kaidou (shadowhunter)

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Ren Kaidou

Ren Kaidou

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PostSubject: Ren Kaidou (shadowhunter)   Ren Kaidou (shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 20, 2014 12:50 am

Name: Ren Kaidou

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Description: Ren’s overall image is as delicate as her name, lotus ,suggests. However, do not let her petite size fool you, she is a formidable fighter who knows how to make the most out of her stature. Standing no more than 5’3”, in shoes, Ren carries herself lightly but with purpose- she doesn’t ‘glide’. Her movements are not graceful, but could pass for gentle, outside of combat of course.  Outside of combat she typically wears clothing that runs loose, and perhaps even  more so than intended over her sleight build.

In uniform with her small size, her face is also small, making her dark almond eyes seem larger than they are. Her silky black hair is kept to about her rounded chin, framing her youthful face. In high contrast with her dark hair and lashes, her complexion is fair and almost milky, however color can be easily spotted when it rises to her face. Usually her expression is mild, but thoughtful. However, Ren has eyes that can hide nothing, and it her face easily betrays what she is thinking.

History: Ren is the latest addition to the Kaidou shadow hunter blood line. She was born and raised in Tokyo, spending the entirety of her youth as a trainee within the Tokyo institute’s walls. She, unlike many other young aspiring shadow hunters, was fortunate enough to have both parents present throughout her youth. In fact, both her mother and father were highly involved in her training as she was their only child and the one who would carry on the Kaidou legacy. However, even at a young age, Ren seemed less concerned with the one hundred ways to slay a demon and more concerned with seeing the world behind the glamour with her own two eyes. She was a curiously brave child who was known to wander off grounds alone, though she would always return hours later, usually as quietly as she’d departed.

It was her curiosity that lead her to stumble into the path of an Eidolon demon during one of her frequent solo explorations outside of the institute’s grounds. The demon was disguised as a beautiful woman with a kind face, though it did not take long for Ren to discern that she was not a woman at all. Instead of showing the demon fear or hostility, Ren simply asked ‘why’ she chose to appear as she did. The demon, curious about this brave little nephilim, entertained her question and answered, ‘ Because I am here to take a mundane child as my own.’ In response, Ren asked the Eidolon if she would spare a mundane child if she came back to see her. The demon was distrustful and thought that Ren would bring shadow hunters to slay her, however, Ren gave the demon her word that she would return, alone. And she was true to her word. The next day, Ren returned, and the Eidolon did as well, perhaps desperate for the company. Day after day Ren returned and the Eidolon conceded to Ren’s request, promising not to take any mundane children as long as Ren returned to see her.

One day, when Ren returned to see the Eidolon, an Oni intercepted her. The Oni had seen the nephilim child meet with the Eidolon and had followed her. Unarmed, Ren was nothing more than a rabbit to a wolf. However, the Eidolon appeared, protecting Ren from the oni. As the two demons fought, Ren saw how fiercely the Eidolon protected her- like a mother protecting her child. In the end, the Eidolon killed the Oni, but was far too wounded to survive. Ren’s parents found her hours later, crying beside the remnants of the deceased Eidolon. They assumed Ren had somehow slain the demon, but the real story was never shared by Ren.

Her training was completed, and she became a fully fledged shadow hunter on her eighteenth birthday, though she never chose a parabatai. While years of strict indoctrination taught her that demons were only dark and evil creatures, and in every other case she witnessed it was true, Ren could never forget the Eidolon who gave her life to save her, and could never strike down a demon without feeling hesitation and guilt- a weakness noted by other shadow hunters. It was this fault that brought Ren to the states. On her most recent hunt, Ren’s weakness cost her the mission, as the demon was able to use her hesitation to escape. To redeem herself, she has tracked the demon and requested to follow and slay it. Her request was granted and an official announcement of her arrival was sent to the New York institute.


Ren is a reserved young woman who would prefer to observe and listen than to lead and speak. As a child she was curious, however, the curiosity has evolved into a perceptiveness that often picks up on little details others miss. That is not to say she does not still harbor the innate need to investigate the answers to what she feels are mysteries. To some, Ren may seem brave as she is undaunted by any task set before her, whether it be alone or with a team. However, it is not courage, but resolve that overcomes any reservations about danger she may have.

She is not known to plainly speak her mind,  an inherited behavior of her ethnic heritage. Because of this, Ren can seem soft spoken or passive in social situations, but truly it is just that she is not a difficult person and would prefer harmony to making unneeded waves. While it is a trait that appeals to cooperation, it can be troublesome for Ren when it comes to expectations set by the Kaidou family and other nephilim. Finding a balance between her own views and those enforced by the shadow hunters can be difficult most times, and can drum up quite a bit of inner conflict.

To others she is mild mannered and has a very strong sense of propriety. She is respectful and obedient to her elders and cooperative with her peers. Most others would say Ren is pleasant to have around, but a little quiet and difficult to get to know. Those who know her well would say that her quiet demeanor is only her way of being respectful to those around her, and the profound thoughts behind it would make the head’s of most swim. They would also say that when Ren speaks with passion it would be a good idea to listen.


The smell of rain
Piano music
Soup with clear broth
Cooperation between people
Accomplishing something
Learning something new


Ignorant violence
Discord amongst peers
Failure ( on her own part)
The feeling when her foot falls asleep

Weapon of Choice:

Extendable bo-staff ( ends are plated with electrum)
Nuriel- Adamas seraph blade fashioned after a wakizashi

Relationship Status; With who:



Other: Ren speaks very limited English.
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PostSubject: Re: Ren Kaidou (shadowhunter)   Ren Kaidou (shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 21, 2014 10:26 pm

Accepted! Lovely character Smile
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Ren Kaidou (shadowhunter)
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