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 Sang Rivaille (Warlock)

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PostSubject: Sang Rivaille (Warlock)    Sang Rivaille (Warlock)  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 27, 2014 9:58 pm

Name: Sang Rivaille (last name pronounce REE-VAY)

Gender: Male

Appearance Age: 23

True Age: 575

Description: Sang stands at six foot two, he has more of a lanky muscular build rather than being a mass of hulking manliness. He appears to be around the age of a young 23 year old man, however many say that his eyes make him seem much older. His true age is 575 but if you met him you would never guess because his appearance gives off raw vitality and youth. He is a boisterous man with striking baby blue eyes and silky raven black hair. His face is usually scruffy as he prefers the presence of facial hair claiming it makes him appear more refined. His Warlock marks aren't as extreme as many of the others he has met over the ears. Sang has pointed ears like those of an elf, teeth pointed a bit sharper than usual, and certain emotions cause his eyes to change to very uncommon colors.  

History: Sang has the typical sob story of anyone who was unlucky to be born a Warlock. The typical human moth falling in love with a demon without knowing it and then giving birth to a baby that ends up having odd deformities thus being labeled an abomination and being abandoned by it's birth mother. Since Sang was born with such subtle demon attributes his mother didn't really notice nor pay attention to the elf like ears and sharp animal like teeth. She loved her son more than anything and was determined to raise him on her own. Sang, however, was unlike most typical babies. He learned really fast and showed little to know emotion when it came to motherly attachment as he grew in age. This had to due with the fact that his father came to him at night and taught him all he needed to know as he grew. Because his father knew about his true nature the boy trusted him more than the mother so when the father told him that his mother secretly hated him and was just using him for to get money and was secretly plotting to kill him Sang believed every word he said.

One day, when Sang was 16 years old he lost control of his powers and ended up killing his mother in cold blood. It was then that he realized he could share her memories in a way with her through some type of magic and he realized his father had been lying to him the entire time. He felt the love of his mother course through him and hated himself for never showing her that love back. That night was the first and last night Sang ever cried, he vowed to never show that same kind of weakness and to never make the same mistake again. He kept in touch with his father for another 50 years only so he could learn how to harness and control his Warlock abilities. After he had learned all he could he traveled all around the world learning from others until he eventually became stronger than his own father which is when he returned to him and killed him. Though this, in a sense, caused Sang to be an orphan he didn't feel sorry for killing his father, at this point in time he no longer regretted killing his mother either for he knew if he hadn't done it that his father eventually would have out of pure malice.

After killing his father who was an incredibly powerful demon the other demons made sure to stay out of his way while Warlocks saw his as a potential ally and sought him out. Though Sang was not against making friends he didn't particularly want to get close to anyone. He isn't trusting, instead he keeps all secrets to himself and views everyone he meets as a potential enemy. He knows all too well how deceitful creatures can be, especially since he has lived so long and through so much. Although Sang has dated many throughout his life he is known as a confirmed bachelor throughout the Downworlder world never settling down for long due to his mistrust for others and his knack for getting bored quickly. He has a lot of energy and despite how many may view him as off-putting because of his trust issues he loves life and thrives off of danger and adventure. He often gets himself mixed up in situations he doesn't belong in for the pure pleasure of meddling.

Personality: Despite Sangs appearance and what others enjoy saying when they gossip about his Sang is usually a very happy go lucky and flamboyant person. He does not trust anyone, at any given time, he has been through too much to trust his life and his secrets in the hand of someone else however he loves talking to people and messing around in others affairs. He is like a pesky fey, if he can cause trouble for anyone (especially those who don't like him) he will go out of his way to do it. Being alive for so long can cause life to get boring so he enjoys spicing things up and making life interesting. In the past Sang has had a soft spot for a few individuals who he stayed with for a long time until they died or until they wronged him in some way though he won't ever reveal who they were or talk about it. He doesn't like anyone knowing about him or his past because that gives them a way to hurt him. He can be very serious when the situation calls for it and his wisdom is invaluable, not only because of the fact that he knows just about any spell a Warlock could possibly know plus a few personalized ones up his sleeve but because he has lived through many harsh times and knows how to give precious advice. Though he enjoys causing trouble and getting mixed up in others affairs he will rarely give help when asked unless thoroughly convinced to do so. He can be as hardheaded as a bull, but when he is passionate about something you could hope to have no one better on your side. Oh and he loves to flirt and get into random relationships with people, he is a huge player and likes to think of himself as being very successful at winning the hearts of the men and women around him.

Messing with peoples heads
Pissing people off

Trusting others
Staying inside all the time
Boring people
Most demons

Special Ability:
His eyes change colors when he is feeling intense emotions and he uses a purple colored lightning substance when fighting

Relationship Status; With who: Single, very single but always looking ladies and gentleman

Picture:  photo 69135d8c-3fff-4062-812d-b1ba7d9998d5_zps65e6fde2.jpg
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PostSubject: Re: Sang Rivaille (Warlock)    Sang Rivaille (Warlock)  I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 30, 2014 9:32 pm

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Sang Rivaille (Warlock)
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