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 Howl Irileth (Warlock) {W-I-P}

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Howl Irileth (Warlock) {W-I-P} Empty
PostSubject: Howl Irileth (Warlock) {W-I-P}   Howl Irileth (Warlock) {W-I-P} I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 06, 2014 3:47 pm

Howl Irileth (Warlock) {W-I-P} Tumblr_mej6df1yim1r11qslo1_500_by_sasukethehotty-d706vpm
Howl Irileth

Name: His most known name is Howl, although this is actually a nickname someone put him when he was only a little boy, centuries ago. His original name was long forgotten and it hardly sounded as well as Howl. His last name, Irileth, sounds ancient and imposing, but in fact  he doesn't even remembers it's origins.

Gender:Male. A vain male, but not quite effeminate, as he likes to make clear.

Appearance Age: A sturdy man in his early twenties, although he has the soul and and mind of a naughty teenager.

True Age: It's hard to be sure of your own age when you're immortal, but Howl refuses to lose his sense of time and celebrates his birthday every year. He just turned 325, which is still a young age according to some much older warlocks.

Description: Howl is slim and elegant. His skin is pale, slightly tanned. His face's features are so delicately beautiful that resemble a girl. He has straight and silky hair, shoulder-lenght, which change colors according to his state of mind. Most of the time, it's light blonde, which he pleases very much. But when's he's upset, exhausted or sick, it turns pitch black. He's got mesmerizing pale blue eyes, which were once compared to the sky in a sunny day at heaven, and match perfectly to his light hair. He wears stylish but simple clothes since he doesn't like to attract looks. Often a long-sleeved white shirt, dark pants and lots of jewelry, which he collects. People who first look at him would describe his as very attractive, but as unreachable as a colorful bird in the sky.

History: James Irileth was born in the south of England, at 29 of February of 1688, to a wealthy but unhappy family. His mother, Emily, died at his birth, leaving the skinny boy at the mercy of an abusive father. Beau Irileth wanted his son to grow a manly lumberjack just like him, although the young James' appearence and talents were completely different. Frustrated with his ways, his father would beat him frequently with no apparent reason. James was defenseless before his father, but every night he would escape home to vent his pain and hatred. He would kick whatever he saw in his way, crying outrageously. The mocking kids heard his yells and began to call him "howling douche", "howl" for short. At first he hated it, but people wouldn't stop calling him like that, so after a while he forgot it's meaning and got used to it.




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Howl Irileth (Warlock) {W-I-P}
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