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 Caitlyn Starkweather ; ShadowHunter

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Caitlyn Natalie Starkweather



Caitlyn is young shadowhunter. She has a small build, along with a narrow, feminine face and high cheekbones. Surrounding her unique, pretty face is a mane of gently curling red hair, contrasted by dominant ice blue eyes. Her hair is unique, and usually a focal point when people first meet her. It's an ombre of red and orange, starting at the scalp with dark red, and eventually fading to a deep, orange-red. Many think it's dyed, but it's au natural.
Caitlyn's fashion sense is quite dressed up. Usually found in mid calfed high heels, complete with skin tight dresses or fancy looking shirt, she likes looking good where ever she goes, not caring at what cost.

Caitlyn had a regular mundane upbringing, this being because, previously, she was a mundane. She became a shadowhunter through drinking from the mortal cup, a rather rare way for a shadowhunter to be 'created.' As a mundane, she was completely unaware of the existance of the nephilim, or any of the other mystical presences. Like mundanes, she simply thought they were myths. Like most teenage girls, she fell in 'love', however, the person she fell in love with was no regular mundane. He was a shadowhunter. Caitlyn had no knowledge of this, and was shocked when he tried to tell her. Not believing him, simply dismissing his confession as a mental issue, and believing him to be crazy, she tried to leave him. But he was in love with her, and would not settle with it coming to an end like this. He sought out to make her believe, and ended up telling her too much. Mundanes weren't supposed to know about this world, and when the Clave found out, they were not happy. She was questioned, and seeing that she knew too much, they made an irrational decision. She had to be terminated, so as not to spread what she knew and expose their world. However, this would never happen. Nick, her once love, made a decision. A decision that was very badly thought through. He stole the mortal cup from the Clave, and brought it to her. After drinking from the cup, Caitlyn got very sick. The Clave didn't know what was going on, and decided that this illness may be fatal, and they could just let the disease work away with her, and have their dirty work done for them. But this did not happen. They waited and waited, but she never died, and began to heal. Once they realized what had been done, Nick was long gone. She was now nephilim, and nephilim didn't kill their own kind unless a law had been broken. If Caitlyn had knowingly
drank from the cup, they would have been able to pin something on her. But she had no knowledge of what she was doing when she had been doing it. She was set free under complete secrecy, unable to contact her old mundane family. Torn and depressed, she fled Idris, ending up in New York. She wandered the streets, interacting with downworlders, trying to make something out of her life. Eventually, she stumbled upon the insitute, and they took her in. She is now in training at the institute.

If required, will add, but I would like to shape this through roleplay

Caitlyn in very interested in the shadowhunting world, training, and fitness. She also has a love for fashion, and a little bit of sex appeal. However, one of her most dominant interests are Equine, and though she may not be able to incorporate it into actual demon slaying, she enjoys practicing and training combat from horseback.

Caitlyn doesn't really dislike much, and likes to try everything. The only things she can't stand are when people are too full of themselves. Cockiness and self confidence are different, and she doesn't mind those traits.

Weapon of Choice:
Caitlyns weapon of choice are two twin seraph daggers. She has a love for close up combat, although she is small, but strength isn't her main virtue. It's her speed and agileness that she relies upon.

Relationship Status:

See profile picture.

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Caitlyn Starkweather ; ShadowHunter
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