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 Lacey Ironflower (Warlock)

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PostSubject: Lacey Ironflower (Warlock)   Lacey Ironflower (Warlock) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2014 1:30 am

Name: Lacey Ironflower

Gender: Female

Appearance Age: 14

True Age: 18

Description: Lacey stands at 5'2" with a light build and naturally thin body, matched with a meager bust. She has wide gold eyes with green flecks, framed by dark, thick lashes that cast shadows on her round cheekbones in the right light. She has a heart shaped face that goes down to a slender neck. Her skin is very pale due to the fact that she was raised strictly indoors and has developed a distaste for the outside. Her warlock's mark is a monkey-like tail that is the length of her legs.

History: Lacey was raised by her Grandmother in a small cabin in the Montana wilderness. For most of her life, she lived in ignorance of what she was with the occasional visit of her half-sister Tammy. However, less than a year went by before her visits stopped and Lacey over heard her mother, Dominique, saying that she wouldn't have the Children of Lilith associating with her daughter. At the time, Lacey had not understood what that meant. She lived a few more years in ignorance before a letter came home one day. It was from her father. This was the first letter he had ever sent and Lacey made sure to read every word of it, which she regretted. In the letter, he explain how she had come to be. How Dominique used to own him and use him for "pleasure" but after she had gotten pregnant with Tammy, her fascination in the human began to bore him. She then traded him to a demon she had met one night at a party in exchange for a "special favor" when she called for it. With that demon, the human man had three children -- twin boys, and Lacey. The letter told her that she was a warlock, because of her father had gotten a demon pregnant and now she had demon blood in her veins. The girl didn't know how to react to that and couldn't tell her grandmother what she had read, so she hid the letter. The next day, another letter came, explaining that Lacey's father was found dead the morning before. Her grandmother wept for the loss of her only son, and in the next week, her brothers came home.  Gabriel and Sabon were identical twins down to the mirrored moles under their eyes. They towered over Lacey, obviously having received their father's height, and their mother's cruel beauty. They had eyes that were the soft sage of father's but the defined cheek bones of what she could only assume had been her mother (None of them had ever seen their mother's true face or learned of her true name). The funeral proceeded and the brothers ignored Lacey until it was over. It was only then they confronted her and angrily called her useless for not being skilled in magic. It was also then when she understood what a warlock's mark was, they had the same one she did, a monkey-like tail the same length as their legs. After that incident, Lacey packed her meager belongings and decided to run away. If she really could do magic, then it was her decision to learn, and at sixteen, she left home. Through many underground resources and eavesdropping, she learned that many powerful warlocks resided in New York. Swallowing her fear of the big city, she headed there. For the first week she was terribly lost and had to sleep on the streets, it was then that she met Fran. She was an old warlock who offered to take her in and teach her magic. The two of them lived together and Fran began to teach Lacey magic, staying strictly in the basics. However, four months after she moved in with her, Fran dissapeared without a trace. Lacey stayed behind in case her master came home and has been living in that apartment ever since. She had to make a living somehow, so she took up taking odd jobs and taped a flier to her door and the front of the building. Business was good enough that she had enough food for each week, and a little extra for other things.

Personality: Lacey can be incredibly shy at times, where at others she will act like an over zealous kid. Due to the fact that only one woman raised her her entire life, she has an unconscious desire for affection and attention.

Likes: Lacey loves to read over just about anything. She also loves fruits, homemade food, along with anime and manga. Another thing she likes, is people watching.

Dislikes: She hates noisy people, people who push her, the outdoors, and not having enough money to buy another book. Her brothers as well.

Special Ability: Thanks to her love of reading, Lacey is can memorize words incredibly fast and has a knack for remembering random bits of information.

Relationship Status; With who: N/A (Straight)

Picture: N/A

Other: The apartment Lacey lives in is a total mess, full of towering stacks of books, empty food containers, and the occasional lost pet. One of the reasons the apartment is so messy is that Fran has an open portal somewhere that spews in random objects at unknown times. Lacey has yet to find said portal.
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Lacey Ironflower (Warlock)
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