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 Aiden Cuil (Warlock)

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Aiden Cuil



Appearance Age:


True Age:



6ft 7inches, healthy straight black hair (same length as Jace's).  Both eyes are purely white, yet he can see out of both of them as well as any other Warlock can.  His skin is a pure matt grey color, can often be mistaken for a darkish blue in the sunlight.  Aiden's teeth are sharpened to points (he was born with them).  He is healthy in terms of weight, he is not anorexic, nor is he chubby. Aiden seems to have little muscle, and is very weak in terms of physical strength. His wardrobe includes black hoodies, grey jeans, and black vans.  He can be seen wearing a T-Shirt only when he is at his apartment or when he is at the institute.  


Aiden is the son of Eligos (a demon that also goes by "Great Duke of Hades"). Eligos seduces his mother, Ashurn Cuil, and so Aiden was born on the eve of a full moon, killing his mother in the process. Ashurn's sister, Barthy, who had been there during the birth, took the child as her own and raised him for a full ten years.  It was on the eleventh year that Aiden was spotted by a towns man who was working in their yard. Rumors spread of the child with sharpened teeth and soon the town was in an uproar around their house, threatening to set it aflame with their torches.

At the loud sound of banging at their front door, Barthy hid Aiden under the floor boards of the house, in a hidden cellar, before heading out into the crowd.  She begged for them to stop, to listen to her, to believe he was just a normal child, but they wouldn't have any of it.  The towns people shot her.

Aiden heard the gun shot, and instantly became furious.  He clawed his way out from under the floors, and made his way to the door, where the shouts could still be heard.  By this time large sparks of grey erupted from his being and as he flung open the door, they grew, and made the mundanes step back in response to the unsuspected light.  The first thing Aiden saw was his Aunt laying limply on the ground.  With a wail, he opened his arms and willed pain onto the towns people. Immediately grey fire engulfed the humans, only scorching their skin and forcing them back into their homes.  He fed off of their crys of pain, the sound like music, and the taste of burnt cloth like sugar on his lips.  When they were all out of his sight, Aiden couldn't stand to be there any longer.  Seeing his Aunt on the floor made his stomach turn, but he knew if he terrorized the town any longer, the end would come.

Aiden fled from the town, and never looked back.  Now only a myth for the young children when they played around the ruins of his old home.

He hid out at many places during his days, learning about who he was, making some friends along the way.

Aiden now lives in a small one bedroom apartment in New York.  Occasionally he can be spotted at the Institute, on business runs (when Magnus is not available), or helping to train the young shadowhunters.


Doesn't care much about other's well being.  He doesn't often care for parties but can be seen at all of Magnus's parties.  Aiden does not like to work out, some may call him lazy as he uses  his warlock powers todo many things for him,yet he likes to think of it as "mental exercise". He can be very moody at times, especially when mundanes are around.  Aiden seems to like the presence of horses.  He rarely ever opens himself up to another person.  Aiden hates it when people are loud for no reason (he especially loathes most mundane teenagers for that reason).  He enjoys friendly picking on young shadowhunters at the institute while training them.


Female warlocks, and the occasional female shadowhunter.


Mundanes, pink, dirt, rain, and people with too many questions (on a good day, he might answer three... on a good day...)

Special Ability:

Sharpened teeth, and sharp hearing.

Relationship Status:



none on record

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Aiden Cuil (Warlock)
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