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 Blake C. Adams (Werewolf)

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PostSubject: Blake C. Adams (Werewolf)   Blake C. Adams (Werewolf) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2011 10:33 pm

Name: Blake Chandler Adams

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Human Description: Blake has brown hair with a slight red tint. He is muscular and tan, almost 6 feet tall. He has grey eyes and an easygoing smile.

Wolf Description: Strong, thick wolf with brown fur and grey eyes

History: Blake's mother had been the previous pack leader's mate, but when his father became leader, he chose to keep her, finding her attractive and easy to get along with. The two never told the other they loved each other, but after a while it was understood, they had fallen. His father enjoyed leading with his mate by his side.
When Blake turned two, the pack went off to fight another rival pack. His father came home broken and wounded, and for the first time, without his mate, Blake's mother.
A year later, his father stumbled across a female turning for the first time and helped her through the change. After that he welcomed her back to the pack, and the two quickly fell in love. Soon his half-sister, Aubrey, was born.
As he grew older, Blake was left with only vague memories of his mother's embrace and her familiar scent. His father told him what had happened when he was 6.
During the fight, the other pack's leader had sprung to attack his father, who was busy fighting someone else. His mother was the only one that noticed and pushed aside the much larger wolf. After a few minutes of combat, the other leader tossed Blake's mother aside, dropping her to the ground, where she hit her head and rolled into the nearby river. His mother drowned within 30 seconds, before anyone had a chance to save her.
Aubrey's mother had taken over the mother role for him, but she will never quite replace what Blake knows he could have had. However, Aubrey herself has helped fill the hole a little by being his sister.
At the first opportunity, his father placed Blake as his beta, second-in-command. Unless his father dies at the hand of another wolf, Blake will be the next pack leader, and the entire pack knows this very well, treating the entire family with respect and admiration, including his sweet, little sister Aubrey.

Personality: He can be a little rough or harsh sometimes, but always has good intentions and can't stand hurting someone he cares about. Blake will help anyone in need and truly has the kind, fair heart of a future leader.

Likes: Family, leading, combat, making someone laugh

Dislikes: Swimming, water in general, anyone who hurts his sister

Relationship Status; With who: Single

Blake C. Adams (Werewolf) Blake10
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Other: None
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Blake C. Adams (Werewolf)
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