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 Oliver Nightshade (Shadowhunter)

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King Oliver

King Oliver

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PostSubject: Oliver Nightshade (Shadowhunter)   Oliver Nightshade (Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 8:08 pm

Name: Oliver Nightshade

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: Oliver stands at about 6’0 with a slim, athletic body. He has dark shaggy hair that often falls across his grey- green eyes. He carries himself with a posture that portrays his aloofness yet at the same time slightly shows that he is always on edge and ready for a fight.

History: Born in Idris, Oliver lived the traditional life of your typical shadowhunter child for the first part of his life. Being an only child, he was the only object of his mother’s love and his father’s bitter rage. Being a high standing member of the Claive, his father took traditional Nephelim practices and training to the extreme. At a young age Ollie was a master of most weapons and a skilled killer. When he was young, all he wanted to do was please his never satisfied father though as he got older, he grew to resent the man’s tyranny and abusive ways of punishment. After his mother was killed in battle any humanity that remained in his father died along with her, his anger and aggression took a turn for the worse. Blaming the Claive for his wife’s demise, he moved himself and Oliver to a secluded country home where the remainder of his sanity slipped away. Unable to take his father’s instability, Oliver began to do anything he could to anger the man. Breaking Nephemil tradition, fraternizing with downworlders, love affairs with the most undesirable of partners until he was sixteen and left Idris and his father. He continued his rebellion in the Mundane world, traveling around and killing demons, sometimes staying at local Institutes though mostly trying to avoid any other shadow hunters.

Personality: Oliver is arrogant and aloof though knows how to portray himself properly when the circumstances call for a change. He can be very charming and almost come off as kind though he often saves these traits for when he finds they will serve him the greatest purpose. He is inquisitive and intelligent though doesn’t feel the need to share his intellect with others. He never reveals anything more about himself then he others need to know and quickly distrusts anyone who tries to pry. He is naturally flirtation and doesn't hold and reservations about who he is willing to flirt with. To Oliver, beauty is beauty.

~Fighting- With any willing opponent
~Smoking/ Drinking
~Doing anything he can to make his father angry

~His father
~The Claive

Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrow, scythe and whip are his favorites though he enjoys fighting with just about anything.

Relationship Status; With who: As single as they come.



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PostSubject: Re: Oliver Nightshade (Shadowhunter)   Oliver Nightshade (Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 8:13 pm


Oliver Nightshade (Shadowhunter) Caseys10
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Oliver Nightshade (Shadowhunter)
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