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 James de Winter (Faery)

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PostSubject: James de Winter (Faery)   James de Winter (Faery) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 8:45 pm

Name: James de Winter

Gender: Male

Appearance Age: 20

True Age: 30

Description: Dark brown hair, cut short. Deep green eyes that have the ability to stop a human in it's tracks. As normal for male faeries, James is tall, possibly 6'2. His build is leaner than most, but this gives him the added skill of being able to sneak around without notice. However, is strength is not something wanting in any way.

History: Jame's childhood was as normal as a child of the Fair Folk could be. His parents were fair, but strict and incouraged him from a very early age to gain one of the hard to get positions as a Royal Knight. His father having been one, there really wasn't another choice. His parents hired the best trainers money could buy, and soon James was practicing every combat type and strategic plan in the book, from dawn till dusk. Many would say that he was too comitted, too hard on himself. But, in his eyes, he'd never be ready for the day he'd find out if he'd made the Ranks or not.
When his day of sucess finally came, he marched out of the hall, feeling a confidence that bordered on arrogance. On his way out, James spotted the one Faery no one ever stopped talking about. The Princess Wisteria. She was passing on her evening stroll; she hadn't even glanced his way. But James knew in that one glimpse of her, that he'd do anything he could to have her become his and his alone. From that moment on, all the determination he had channeled to his training, switched right over to making himself known to the Princess.
Finally, the day came that he was picked to escort the Princess to the Human world. Making himself as charming as possible, James did everything possible to get her to like him; compliments, presents, he'd even once tried to kiss her. But each and every time she'd snubbed him, like some filth on her shoe. As the night ended, James, his pride thrown down and broken, vowed that if he could have her, no man, faery, or any other creature would. The bitch would pay.

Personality: Determination in the extreme, he never gives up. His anger comes in red-hot waves and rarely ever subsides if he's really pissed off. Sneaky and clever, the Faery oozes danger in every pore of his skin.

Likes: the satisfaction of a goal achieved, pushing himself past his limits, admiration from his elders, and intimidating humans.

Dislikes: being humiliated, losing anything, being bested in any way, humans.

Relationship Status; With who: none

Rank: Royal Knight

Picture: James de Winter (Faery) Thomas-Dekker-thomas-dekker-9758646-300-350

Other: none


Reason for Placement: I need someone to play James in the plot going on between him, Dorian Grey, and Wisteria. The thread is located in Grace Park. I you have any questions, just PM me.
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James de Winter (Faery)
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