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 Cora K. Davis (Vampire)

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PostSubject: Cora K. Davis (Vampire)   Cora K. Davis (Vampire) I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 7:08 pm

Name: Cora Kathleen Davis

Gender: Female

Appearance Age: 19

True Age: 166

Description: Cora has fair blonde, straight hair with blunt bangs. She is tall, around 5’10, and has a slim, willowy figure. Her eyes are dark red, and Cora has flawless, very pale skin.

History: Born in 1845, Cora was from a wealthy family in Alabama. She, along with her siblings and parents, lived on a plantation that her father owned. The family was well-known and liked, and darling Cora had everything she could ever want.
In 1861, The Civil War began. Her father and eldest brother were enlisted to fight in the war. The South struggled economically, and soon Cora’s pampered life was taken away from her.
A few months later, a letter came, regretfully announcing the death of Cora’s brother. Nothing was known of her father. The family was heartbroken and devastated, and Cora, now the oldest child, left to find work.
Now 16, she headed off to the nearest battle scene, having heard that they wanted young women. She was swept up into the horrors of war as she became one of the several nurses that were needed to tend to wounded Southern soldiers.
At first, Cora had planned to return to her family with whatever little money she earned, but soon the payments stopped, and she found that she couldn’t leave these soldiers. Even the smallest of smiles they gave her was enough reward for her work now.
The War brought out a different side of Cora as she witnessed too many deaths. The spoiled girl grew up and learned to control her emotions as men died in her care while she desperately tried to save them.
One night, after an awful battle, Cora walked around the soldiers, giving out water from her pitcher and bandaging whatever wounds she could. She heard faint moaning from a distance, and seeing that no one else had heard, went over to investigate.
“You can’t help him.” A soft voice spoke, but Cora couldn’t lift her eyes from the pale, dead soldier before her. He appeared to have been drained of blood. With that realization, Cora turned to the voice. A well-dressed man stood a few feet away, and he didn’t seem to notice the red blood on his lips, but Cora did.
“What did you do to him?” She yelled, a small idea forming in the back of her mind. Surely, this man didn’t drink the soldier’s blood? But the evidence pointed to that. A bite mark could be seen on the soldier’s wrist.
The man took a step closer. “Dear, you’re going to have to be quiet.” But Cora knew that she couldn’t, having discovered this monster, and she turned to warn the others. His hand caught her arm though, and with surprising strength pulled her back.
His face was inches from hers; his fury was evident. Quickly, he sank his teeth into her neck. Curious, she thought. He has red eyes.
Other nurses found Cora, drained of blood, near the first soldier. They were too busy to seek an explanation, and so they buried her along with the other dead and went on their way.
Digging herself out, Cora awoke from her grave, painfully thirsty. Acting on instinct, she ran, desperately searching for something. She found a small rabbit, and suddenly, her fangs came out. Killing the animal, she drank the blood. Only after she had finished did she realize what she had done. It didn’t take her long to realize what she was. Old stories she’d heard as a kid came flooding back. Cora was a vampire.
Wandering, she found this city and a small group of vampires. She watched the world change, and slowly their clan became bigger.
Decades ago, Cora fell in love with another vampire, but he was killed by a Shadowhunter. She still resents the Nephilim for taking away her love, but she can be very good at hiding it if needed.
Now second-in-command of the local vampire clan, Cora is a well-known vampire who lives in the abandoned hotel that is their lair. She has been known to enjoy drinking from humans, but usually refrains to uphold her reputation.

Personality: Cora is charismatic and charming, with a Southern accent to match. Fiercely loyal to her clan, she is a respected and powerful second-in-command. She is not afraid on stepping on a few toes to get what she wants or what will benefit her.

Likes: Power, her clan, human blood

Dislikes: Shadowhunters, weakness, anyone against the clan

Relationship Status; With who: Single

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Other: None

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Cora K. Davis (Vampire)
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