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 Jasper Knight (Shadowhunter)

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PostSubject: Jasper Knight (Shadowhunter)   Jasper Knight (Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 07, 2011 9:45 pm

Name: Jasper Knight

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: Jasper is a tall lanky kid who stands 6'3" with long dark brown hair and eyes blue as the ocean. Jasper's lankyness fools a lot of people, though he isn't overly muscular, he has defined lean muscle. Also not visible unless one is standing above him while he sits is a circular burn on the back of his neck.

History: Jasper did not come from a big family. He was born an only child to Ephram and Rachel Knight and was brought up half his life in Idris, the other half in New York. When he was 14 years old his parents had been asked to help with a raid on a vampire clan in Queens that was rumored to be selling mundanes to other vampires as well as demon worshiping cults. It turned out to be a setup by the vampire clan that just wanted the Nephilim out of New York. The shadowhunters managed to silence the clan, but six of the twelve shadowhunters that went were killed. Both of Jasper's were among the deceased. Jasper was left in the New York institute as his parents told him he wasn't of age and he needed more training.
When word came that night to the institute that his parents had been killed Jasper was torn apart. Emotionally he was filled with three things. Hatred for all vampires. Sadness that he would never see the only family he had again, and the last was desire. The desire to make himself a good hunter, the desire to kill every vampire he got the chance too. He'd become a master with knives. Weilding them, throwing them, even cleaning them. He was skilled with other weapons yes, but knives and sereph blades were his speciallity.
After his parents deaths Jasper became increasinly less talkative. You'd think he'd turn into the traditional "flee to music" type to escape the pain, and he did at times. He was only ever good at playing piano. But he also took to drinking, which wasn't his favorite thing in the world. But it helped him escape so he continued to do it. He tried to avoid everyone in the New York institue as best he could. But he couldn't help to seem to draw anger from a fellow shadowhunter at the institute. His name was Russel Elditore. Him and Jasper never saw eye to eye, he was two years older than Jasper and only at the institute because he was on a tour of numerous institutes. One day when Jasper was lost in both drunken disorientation and his musical world that was the piano, Russel had decided to take part in proving a point to Jasper. The two had quarreled the night before about how Jasper was not Russel's slave. Russel went on to tell him he was "familyless trash." So as Jasper drunkenly played piano, Russel took the cigar he was smoking and stabbed it down on Jasper's neck, holding it there for a solid minute before taking it off. He then looked at Jasper and said, "Now you're mine, just like a cattle man brands cattle I have brandded you." It seemed stupid, an iratze would clear it up no problem. But Jasper didn't want to give Russel the satisfaction. So he refused everyon who approached him with a stele. Letting it heal in a mundane fashion leaving a scar.
A week after this altercation Jasper decided to pack up and leave to head to a new institute on his seventeenth birthday. Before he left he found a note with his belongings in his room. It read, "Jasper I know losing your parents was tough. But your father would've wanted you to have this." He turned the paper over trying to find who it was from but no name was on it. All that was with the note was a gold mundane zippo lighter. He knew his father had been obsessed with mundane things but never knew he owned anything. But it had belonged to his father so he took it withouth hesitation and left for his new institute.

Personality: Jasper is your traditional suffer in silent type. Other than that he's caring, and he is loyal. He'll listen to problems but won't ever tell anyone his. He's very polite, though if his patience is tried he is known to have a temper. He also has a temper if his family is badmouthed or someone makes a crack about vampires killing people.

Likes: Piano
Smoking(If he's really upset)

Dislikes: Vampires
People who go through his stuff without asking.

Weapon of Choice: Knives with runes carved into them. Wielding or throwing.

Relationship Status; With who: Single

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Approved! Smile

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Jasper Knight (Shadowhunter)
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