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 Christopher Demetrius (Vampire)

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PostSubject: Christopher Demetrius (Vampire)   Christopher Demetrius (Vampire) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 8:26 pm

Name: Christopher Demetrius

Gender: Male

Appearance Age: 28

True Age: 560

Description: Christopher stands 6'5" with a "rail thin" frame. He's very pale with blueish-green eyes and long dark hair. He is usually seen in clothes of the century, but most recently he wears a black duster over a black t-shirt and skinny black jeans with elegant black dress shoes.

History: Christopher was born in Greece in 1451. Growing up he lived a normal life. His father was a fisherman and his mother weaved hand baskets. They weren't a very wealthy family, barely able to hold a roof over their heads. One day Christopher's father was gravely ill and the gaurd came knocking on the door asking for their fish. He tried to plead with the guard but they were stubborn. They told him if he hadn't caught any fish by the next morning he would be executed. So Christopher took it into his own hands to catch the fish. He snuck out in the dead of night to head to the river. On his way he saw a beatiful woman crying. Her skin was pale and she had the most vibrant hazel eyes. Christopher approached her asking if she needed help, but what happened next shocked him. The woman dove into the story of how she could help him save his family if he trusted her. He was desperate so he accepted. He remembered the bite, the pain, and then...darkness.

He awoke a few nights later in utter blackness. Christopher working on sheer terror fought his way up through the dirt and finally breaching the surface. Looking around he noticed he was by the river, only a few miles from his home. But his biggest surprise was he was alone. The woman had lied to him, she said she would be there but she wasn't. Realizing what had happend he took off running toward his home. He got home just as the guard approched his door. The three guards approached his father and mother with swords drawn and that's when Christopher snapped. He attacked the three guards ripping them apart limb by limb, and draining there blood. His parents were so horrifed they cursed him, calling him the devil. In a rage he killed his own parents.

For the next 400 years he wandered the world joining clans here and there. Finally settling in New York. After a few years Christopher managed to become the clan leader of Queens. Quickly he became irritated with the Nephilim who were always stopping his clan from kidnapping humans to feed on. So he devised a plan to have the Nepilim in New York eradicated. The plan was set in motion and the shadowhunters arrived on que. However Christopher's plan surprised the Nephilim. It was 12 Nephilim against 45 vampires. The shadowhunters made quick work of most of the vampires but his elite vampires were dealing damage of their own. It was halfway through the fight that a female shadowhunter cornered Christopher. "Give up vampire." The brown haired woman said. Laughter erupted out of Christopher, "I'd like to see you make me." The woman charged but it was what Chris was waiting for. As she lunged at him with a sereph blade he dodged to the side and jumped behind her, stabbing a knife into her back numerous times. She screamed and another shadowhunter, this one male, made his way at Christopher, but was quickly overtaken by two other vampires. Christopher let go of the knife and the woman fell. He stared at her with a gloating grin, "Any last words Nephilim scum?" he snarled. All the woman said was, "I love you Jasper." With that Christopher pulled out another knife and slashed her throat. The noise picked up getting closer to him and he fled as the shadowhunters dispatched the last of his elites.

He had been rumored to be dead, killed with the others, that was until his return to New York, on orders from his Master.

[b]Personality: Christopher is sick and twisted in the head. He delights in torturing humans, Nephilim, and werewolves.

Likes: Blood.

Dislikes: Nephilim.
People's happiness.

Relationship Status; With who: Single.

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Christopher Demetrius (Vampire)
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