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 Olivia Hailstar (Shadowhunter)

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PostSubject: Olivia Hailstar (Shadowhunter)   Olivia Hailstar (Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2011 8:46 pm

Name: Olivia Hailstar

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Description: Olivia stands about 5'7, with a very trim, hourglass figure. She's very fit and has some lean muscle on her. Long, golden blonde hair and gray-green eyes make her naturally pretty. Liv walks with poise and confidence, something that running the Institute has given to her.

History: Born and raised in Idris, Olivia spent her childhood days being taught and trained by her parents, learning the arts of the Shadowhunters, showing a lot of promise herself. Despite all the talent and fun she found in battling demons, her heart always had a greater love. Sworn best friends since little, Godric was the number one priority in her life. No training or success could make her happier than talking with this boy did. Everyday after training they would meet up by their tree, talking about nothing and everything.
Maybe her parents had known she'd loved him all along, laughing as Liv would beg to stay just a few minutes more with her best friend. They'd eventually get her to leave by promising that there'd always be tomorrow. And there was. Without fail, Godric stayed by her side through everything growing up.
Olivia was young, but she knew what love was. She was fourteen when she realized that she was in love with her best friend. They'd still sit there by the tree and talk for hours, but these conversations held so much more meaning than they used to. Each and every little thing he said was kept in her memory. Olivia learned and memorized Godric like never before, craving to know everything and love him the best she could. She always kind of assumed he'd wake up one day and realize that they were meant to be, but after over two years, Olivia started to lose hope.
With a heavy heart, she forced herself to notice other boys. Not surprisingly, as pretty as she was, it wasn't hard to find someone. She'd had admirers all along, and had just never taken a interest in anyone but Godric. The joy of her first love was constantly overshadowed by the pain of wishing it was someone else, specifically her best friend. The day she stayed hand-in-hand with her new boy instead of stopping to talk to Godric almost destroyed her. She kept a brave face for the current boyfriend, a petty distraction, but as soon as he was gone she ran home and cried to her parents, who really had known about her true feelings all along.
But the situation got unbelievably worse. Soon, her best friend started ignoring her. Desperate to know what she had done wrong, scared she was going to lose him, Olivia tried to find out, get him back, but he wouldn't talk to her. Not even to say hi, or wish her well, or congratulate her on her most recent training accomplisment. She spent a lot of her days crying, confused and hurt and lonely, and soon her boyfriend put the pieces together. Olivia was rudely dumped soon after that.
With nowhere else to turn to, rejection now added to her pain, Liv stubbornly sought out her former best friend. Just like that, she was turned away yet again. She sprinted away, sobbing, knowing very well that people on the other side of Idris could probably hear her, so Godric must have.
Instinct drove her back to their tree, the one that held so many happy memories. Olivia collapsed and against the truck and weeped, unsure of what to do. This heartache was almost too much to bear. Certain that she would never leave this place, Liv resigned herself to sit there and cry for the rest of eternity.
However, her knight in shining armor arrived. Hastily trying to cover her tears, mumbling that she was just leaving, he stopped all words and closed the distance between them. His lips on hers, making up for what she knew was lost time, was by far the best thing that had happened to her so far. Olivia kissed him back with all she had, scared that this was some dream, and it would fade away soon, leaving her heartbroken again.
"That was a few years overdue," Godric said, and with that, Olivia knew this was real. "Oh, you have no idea," she laughed, and then kissed him again. They stayed by their tree for the rest of the night, laughing, hugging, and kissing. The two even marked the date by carving their initials in the bark, the biggest cliche of all. Everything was right in the world again.
Unsurprisingly, they married at 19, everything about their relationship was happy and perfect. No fights, no yelling, just love. A beautiful bride and handsome groom, with both sets of parents laughing and claiming they knew this would happen. The fairytale continued with her pregnancy.
A tragic, abrupt miscarriage brought their fantasies to an end. Olivia no longer knew anything other than the fact that she wasn't a mother anymore. Oh, how badly she wanted to be a mother. The poor wife couln't do anything but sit there and cry, her grief far stronger than anyone had ever expected. Liv didn't know what to do, she just wanted her pain to end. She scared her husband often, with strange, awful thoughts that constantly haunted her mind. Atleast once a week he'd have to talk her out of doing something dangerous and far too permanent for his taste. The only thing that helped Olivia keep the small amount of sanity she had left was her husband's love.
When given the chance for a change of scenery, a new life, at the next Clave meeting, Godric took the words right out of her mouth. They left for the Institute as soon as possible, and happily help run it and raise the orphans that live there. It's unspoken between them, but the couple hasn't really tried for kids since. The teenagers they help are enough to satisfy their parental desires. Besides, Olivia never wants to endure that pain again, and is unsure if she could survive it a second time. So although their story was not as happy and perfect as it once was, Olivia is perfectly content with her husband and their life, and only misses her unborn child every once in a while now. She pours all her motherly love into these children who need it.

Personality: Olivia is loving and kind, the perfect motherly figure. She adores children and teens, happy to help them and offer advice. She takes her job at the Institute seriously, and is very protective of the orphans that live there. Protective and loyal, Liv would rather die than betray someone she cares about. She's always had more of an overemotional side than her husband, but she's never dramatic.


Death, especially of infants
Judgemental people

Weapon of Choice: Talented with all weapons, Liv especially loves a small dagger she's had since she was young

Relationship Status; With who: Married to Godric Hailstar

Olivia Hailstar (Shadowhunter) Olivia10


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Olivia Hailstar (Shadowhunter)
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