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 Harper Spence (Mundane)

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PostSubject: Harper Spence (Mundane)   Harper Spence (Mundane) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2012 10:08 am

Name: Harper Spence

Gender: Female

Age: 19, looks younger

Description: At first glance, Harper is just another brunette. But, of course, that’s at first glance. Her brown hair is thick and curly, falling down just to her shoulder blades when loose. It’s normally pulled back in a ponytail or bun, out of her face. Her face is elegant; sharp jaw, high cheekbones, arched brows, and an expression of Spanish hostility. She’s finely tanned, more on her face than anywhere else, and her brown eyes flatter the rest of her coloring. Harper is tall. Her wiry frame hits about five feet eleven inches, flattered by her slender build and close-growing muscle. The latter comes from working out with her close friend at the College, also she dances so she has the lean, taut muscles of a dancer.

Personality: She was brought up in a well-to-do home which has left Harper with a chivalrous attitude and good education, leaving her courteous and logical in interaction. Clever too and incredibly logical, definitely not one to venture into something without thinking. She is practical and a realist. But she can also have a quick-temper though someone has to really push her buttons for that to happen. She is kind and is a fierce friend, always loyal and honest. If her friend wants to know the truth, she will say without hesitation, even it it may hurt once it is said. She was taught to speak her mind, and she does just that.

Likes: What any normal mundane girl likes. Shopping, dancing, reading is one of her hobbies, and vacationing where it is hot as New York is always cold.

Dislikes: the taste of beer or wine, cigarette smoke(despises it and it will be a deal breaker for her), men who are too cocky and think they can easily get her in to bed, long cram sessions at college.

Relationship Status; With who: No one, too busy with college to have any sort of social life.

Picture: Minka Pictures, Images and Photos

Other: Harper has The Sight. Her family also had The Sight and worked for the Institute in New Hampshire until there was a tragedy there. When she was just an infant her mother and father were both killed by a demon who was trying to take down the New Hampshire Institute. Because of the quick thinking of her mom, Harper was stashed away and found by mundane police who ended up putting her in an adoption program. Now she has a family, a mother and father who are both successful lawyers in New York. She knows nothing of her past and doesn't even know she has The Sight. She is at the University studying Law and Dance, as dancing is really her passion but she doesn't want to disappoint her mother and father. She has a tattoo of tiny stars, squares, triangles, and circles behind her ear which trail to the top of the ear and cascade in a wavy stream to the bottom of her ear. It is usually hidden by her hair.

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Approved! Smile

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Harper Spence (Mundane)
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