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''You'll learn. It's in your blood.'' Jace Wayland, City of Bones
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 Night time caffeine (A Vampire preferably, but anyone can join)

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Night time caffeine (A Vampire preferably, but anyone can join) Empty
PostSubject: Night time caffeine (A Vampire preferably, but anyone can join)   Night time caffeine (A Vampire preferably, but anyone can join) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2012 3:45 pm

Allen sat silently at a small circular table in Starbucks sipping a stemming chocolate mocha as he gases down at a plain black book titled "what not to do at a stop sign". He was in a V-necked bright green t-shirt an dark ripped jeans with a pale yellow shell necklace around his neck as well as a simple silver lip-ring curling his bottom lip. The coffee shop was generally deserted, but that was how he liked it. Hordes of mundanes wasn't something he found overly pleasant.
Sighing Allen leafed threw his book’s pale pages, taking a moment to brush his hair out of his eyes to scan the empty terrain of the Starbucks. A tall older man with white hair stud cheerfully at the chase register, attempting to flirt with the young blond girl working there. Another man, this on slightly younger in a blue polo sat at the other end of the shop, talking on a cell phone and looking down at his laptop with a questionably suspicious grin.
Smiling inwardly, Allen simply tuck another swig of his coffee gazing back down at his driving book.

It wasn't long before the late autumn sun swam across the sky an set very beautifully in the west end of the city, it's deep orange an pink glow casting a stain glass effect over the sky-scrapings glass forms. Until night feel swiftly, covering everything in it's ominous an unforgiving darkness.
Allen still resided at his circular table in the mundane coffee shop, now with his knees pulled up on the chair to chin level an his blinking phone resting on them, awaiting a text. Although it didn't appear so, he had grown very tired an bored; even after three Venti lattes, an planed to head back to his apartment soon. He could feel his eye lids getting heavily, like small sandbags where attached to them. Then they slowly shut into an empty darkness of momentary slumber. But abruptly blinked open do to the clatering bell of shops swinging door. Odd, he thought when he didn't hear footsteps, beginning to looked over his shouldered to see what calibre oh mundane might be trotting into the shop at this time of night. Or...something ells. Not a mundane. Allen’s eyes widened in shocking curiosity as he raised a questioning eyebrow. The form was think an lean, it moved so quiet an gracefully it was almost as if it where dancing; an it's skin, it's pale blemish free skin was like fresh snow, cold... An lifeless. A Vampire.
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Night time caffeine (A Vampire preferably, but anyone can join)
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