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 Goblin Men.

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PostSubject: Goblin Men.    Goblin Men.  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2012 7:18 pm

Heavy booming thunder ripped through the sky, shaking the flimsy New-York city as large drops of thick Rain feel profusely form the gray sky smearing everything and everyone outdoors in its wetness. Night had begun to fall; the dark sky was getting darker with the storm and the Vampire community was out early to start there night of troublemaking. Few mundane where out on the streets though an grace Park was no exception. It was generally deserted, even the greatly populated areas. All but a lowly homeless man searching for a new nest to sleep in, his slow steps echoing faintly threw out the trees. He had just passed the parks tall bras gates. The man did appeared to be quite larger, with leathery skin and a matted gray beard. After heading into the forested area that seemed to coat the park pond, the man had begun to lingered off the set red-brick path, venturing off into the thick woods. Following a ghostly wisp of blue light he could faintly see in the distance. As if hypnotised he trotted after it for what felt like at least twenty minutes until the light went out, and he found himself lost. Wondering aimlessly in the thick brush.

Hours passed as he walked. Walking by what looked like the same bunch of trees, rocks, and shrubs over and over again until he finally stopped to rest agents a think twisted oak tree. His obtuse soaked form hunching out of extortion. What was going on? He could feel eyes on him everywhere, as if there was a crowd of people around him in the green of the trees, looking down with anguish and hungry grins. But it was so quite... only the fait sound of rain and the ever so often booming of thunder filled the chilly air. What the hell is going on?
The tall grass and bush around him began to shake abruptly, as if a small animal where running threw them. Maybe a squeal or a bird, he hoped. But it wasn't. Chuckling heavily out of satisfaction, what appeared to be a small old man in a thick fur jacket with a wrinkled gray face like a rotten apple stepped out from behind a thin tree. The homeless man raised a think eyebrow until the saw old man's smiled; his, or rather “it’s” teeth where strangely tiny and shark like, his eyes where a soiled black and for a moment the homeless man swore he saw small hover where the creatures feet were. Stepping back slowly the man could feel the hair on the back of his wet neck standing up like tinny knives on his skin. "w…what... Are you...? What's going on here?" , he said in a shacking thick smokers voice. A look of shear terror on his face.
The goblin laughed, it’s dripping large mouth clamping shut after a hardy chuckle. “silly silly mundane". Stepping back in fear the homeless man fell, tripping over a rock, landing hard agents a bush riveted with thorns. They dug into his back and he yelp. The goblin snickered once again, skipping towards the man with a thistly blood lust in its black eyes. “You lingered, YES you did. from the path. YOU followed my fey-fire. YES yes, my fire. Now your MINE!" the small black eyes faerie said in its very amused tone. It's voice lapsing slowly.
Shouting the man trying to stagger to his feet, but as he turned he was met by an odd figure. A boy, about the age of six teen in casual teenage clothing with sky blue eyes and a pretty face that was partly covered by his black hair that looked strangely dry. He looked down at the homeless man, a faint smile growing in on the edge of his lip. Alistair Crusnik. "You can't run" he said slowly, looking at the man's tired, wet, an dirty form with the slightest hint of sadness in his voice that faded quickly after his pause. "The Hobgoblin lead a starry of you path, now you are trapped in his glamor. No matter how fare and long you run, you will always stay within this bunch of trees" he sighed and looked up at his nails, leaning up agents a treetunck. "Perhaps if you had 'the sight' or something you would see threw his tricky glamor, but even if you did get out of this trap the Goblin is much faster than you are. Human", Allen laughed a bit, gesturing at the man’s large stomach.
The poor homeless man was in shock. Who was this kid? What on earth was he talking about? And what was that monster with the shark teeth an black eyes? Its extending mouth dripping a clear green goo. " me!" he tried to reach out for the Allen but the boy simply smiled grimly.
"I can't" Alistair said quickly, waving a carefree hand. "it is Seelie law" he said with a faint giggle as he leaned closer to the man, the drooling goblin now at his feet. “the Hobgoblin has earned this kill. Your blood is his".
The man’s hands were shaking franticly like a jumping bean. What could he possibly do? He wanted to run, but he was slow... To slow for these creatures. All he could think to do was plead, "I can give you cash or drugs kid" his laughed sounded very fearful, "what do you want? Speed? Meth?" he said in his shaky smokers voice, reaching into the large pockets of his wet woolly coat.
Alistair’s lip curled, ignoring the man’s pleading offer. "Let me ask you something. Why do you think no homeless men live in Grace park?". With that the drooling goblin pronounced on the man, digging it's small boney caws into the poor homeless fellows leg, ripping them down his plum frame, splitting open his skin. He cried very loudly in a raspy shout that echoed threw out the seemingly empty park. Trying to kick the creature off of him with his unlashed leg, the man was muttering something. A prayer? Alistair wondered. The goblin snarled and plunged its teeth into the man’s chest, ripping threw his teeth and bone like paper until he finally stopped screaming. Alistair simply watched as the mundane blood poorer from the man’s gaping chest, mixing with the rain then being absorbed into the moss covered ground. He gave the goblin a glare of disgust, “gosh Bunkin, it is very nasty that you enjoy bleeding such misfortunate mundanes. You no their blood will only grow more weeds. Nothing beautiful like a warlocks or a nephilims might".
The goblin ignored him, a crooked grin still fixed on his blood covered wrinkled face as he began to pat the blood soaked ground, " good good. Now grow, grow".
Alistair sighed and turned around. Of all the fair folk the goblin where clearly the most vicious an caring. They killed mundane like rats, lingering them off their paths with a will-o'-the-wisp into the deep forest then gutting them. Using there fresh blood to grow any number of plants that they valued more than themselves. Discussing, he thought. Sighing Alistair ran his hand along the bark of the wet trees." you best eat his body Bunkin, the court will not support you if the nephilim find him faire-bludgeoned here in the woods. An if they come asking, you know too well that we cannot lie".
The goblin man hissed at the faerie boy. " I know, I know" he shouted In Annoyance, turning back to devour the large ripped open homeless man’s limp blood stained body.

" We must not look at Goblin men,
We must not bye their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots "
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Goblin Men.
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