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 Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim)

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Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim) Empty
PostSubject: Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim)   Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim) I_icon_minitimeWed May 08, 2013 6:33 pm

Name: Alastair Baisntale

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Description: Tall and a bit lanky, roughly 6'0", and about 145 lbs. His eyes are bright blue and his hair is a very rich dark brown, almost like chocolate. It curls when humid, and tends to be a little longer than it should. He keeps it pulled back in a very small ponytail. He has the muscles of a trained Shadowhunter though he doesn't really seem all that buff. He is very quick, however, and enjoys showing off the Marks his body has.

History: He is the middle child of the Bainstale blood line, another old family of Nephlim. How many siblings he has, he is either uncertain or can't remember, or he simply chooses to not digress. He doesn't speak with a British accent, nor any type of English one as he has spent far too much time in America to remember it. Most of his family still lives in Alicante while he, himself, and his older siblings have gone off around the world for more training. He much prefers it in the States, and likes New York because of its sites and tall buildings.

Personality: A little cocky, but an incredibly flirt. Alastair likes everyone. He is willing to keep those he loves safe, and loves to make new friends

• Food, mostly sweets
• Training
• The States, especially New York
• Men and Women
• Music

• Things that are too spicy to eat, there's no fun in that
• All the rules he must follow (he follows them, just hates it)
• Living in the shadows of the mundanes
• Most of the things from Alicante. It's too stuffy.

Weapon of Choice: Hidden weapons are his forte. He is a master at small blades, and his lithe body makes him good at keeping his distance and attacking quickly. One might say... he is much like a Ninja of the Nephlim.

Relationship Status; With who: Parabatai's with Vikas Black. Parabatai symbol on the center of his back between his shoulder blades.

Picture: -----

Other: Alastair hates to be called "Al". His name is Alastair, plain and simple. He is also talented in playing various types of flutes and some-what skilled at the piano (though he'd rather a flute over the keys). His sexual preference IS bi-sexual as he believes he should share himself with the world~ He also has no problems dating outside of the Nephlim, as he has no issues with Downworlders.

Family house symbol: Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim) 6dy96q (Black version)

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Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim)   Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim) I_icon_minitimeWed May 08, 2013 6:50 pm

And welcome!
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Alastair Bainstale (Shadowhunter/Nephlim)
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