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 Wisteria C. Reese (Faery)

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PostSubject: Wisteria C. Reese (Faery)   Wisteria C. Reese (Faery) I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 21, 2011 10:55 pm

Name: Wisteria Courtney Reese

Gender: Female

Appearance Age: 18

True Age: 21

Description: Wisteria has long, dark hair, that is usually left down and somehow always retains a perfect, windblown look. She has a tall, thin figure. Her eyes are a striking sea color and they normally hold an intense gaze. She has the thin line of a scar running from her left shoulder blade to her lower back.

History: Over two decades ago, the newly appointed queen and her husband threw a festival in their court, inviting all who wanted to come and dancing until dawn came. They young queen enjoyed the scene immensely, slipping herself away from her husband to chat with other guests. She found herself enthralled by a charming knight of hers, with a mysterious dark demeanor, and unable to resist the temptation, they slipped off and found a quieter room.
It was hard to ignore the reality of what had happened. The two went there seperate ways and did not speak for a while, until the queen discovered that she was pregnant. The news spread quickly around, and soon the knight found himself at her door, asking if the child was his. With only a nod she slammed the door in his face, preparing herself to fabricate the biggest of all creative truths a faery could tell.
It was quite a shock for the kingdom, but not so much for her, when one of the best knights killed himself. The kingdom mourned for weeks, but rejoiced at the thought of the heir to the throne's arrival
Despite the desperate circumstances, the queen welcomed her daughter to the world on a quiet night, with a full moon and cool air. Her husband stayed by her bedside and stroked his wife's hair as she held the princess, Wisteria, for the first time.
As Wisteria grew, her mother was almost heartbroken to see that her daughter had inherited her father's dark hair, but had gotten her cold eyes. No questions came though, and so the queen never had to try to force a lie out of her lips. Nobody made any connections, and there was never a doubt to anybody that the child was a legal one.
When she was eleven, an insane older faery got Wisty by herself and began screaming that she had no right to the throne, but wouldn't explain why. Her mother found her cornered by the lady in a dark room, crying as the deranged woman dragged a knife down her back. The rest of the night was a blur, the woman gone the next morning and no mention of what happened from anybody. After some questioning it was finally revealed that the lady was the mother of a knight who had ended his own life several years ago, and nothing else was ever said. Wisty rarely dwells on the incident, only haunted by it from rude glances at her scar and in her nightmares.
Wisteria, now full grown, hasn't the slightest idea of her true father, and has grown up in the royal family, believing her father to be the king and her mother, the queen, to have no dark secrets. She does find it unusual that she looks like nothing like her younger siblings, but blows it off as a strange fluke.
Wisty takes her responsibility as the heir to the throne very seriously. She spends time with her people, poses for all the pictures, and spends some time with her mom in the Court at least once a week. At home she has a private tutor who helps her excel at academics and other courses royalty should know. She frequents the parties her parents throw and has a few of her own. Wisteria is well liked by the kingdom and seen as the golden child, even though she tends to have a wild side that most overlook.

Personality: Wisteria is a good girl, with the perfect grades and family. She loves life and rarely gets upset. Wisty frequently goes to the mortal world, whether to get a bite to eat or spend some time at a club. The daring streak in her shows every once in a while, and she's not the least bit afraid of it.

Babysitting her younger siblings
Jeans and pretty dresses
Going to parties

Her scar
Strange looks, gossips
People who don't have confidence in her ability to rule

Relationship Status; With who: Single, but constantly rumored to be dating someone

Rank: Princess, daughter of the current Faery Queen

Wisteria C. Reese (Faery) Faery11

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Wisteria C. Reese (Faery)
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