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 Darius Alkaev (Werewolf)

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PostSubject: Darius Alkaev (Werewolf)   Darius Alkaev (Werewolf) I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 12, 2014 1:00 am

Name: Darius Alkaev

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Human Description: Darius's looks are quite charming. A nice, gentle smile and short spikey brown hair to match his liqiud brown eyes. Which would make mostly any girl swoon. He stands to be 5'11, broad shouldered and muscular. He likes to wear different styles of clothing but nothing fancy. He likes to blend in with whatever is going on around him.

Wolf Description: He transforms into a brown wolf and keeps the same gentle but liquid brown eyes. He has a lighter shade of brown fur around his face. Darius Alkaev (Werewolf) 5

History: He spent four years in Russia then moved to the US. His family finally settled in New York around the time he was 14. His parents were Mundanes who can see through glamour. They made sure he didn't find out about Downworlders or Shadowhunters. Darius was a normal teenage boy living a high school life as a freshman. He isn't popular but he is on his school's hockey team. He does fairly well in class to stay on the team. He has some friends who he spends time with. Everything was going well in his life. One night while coming home from hockey practice, Darius is attacked by a wolf, which he thought was a rabid dog. He came home bloodied and his clothes tatters. His parents were worried he got into a fight. He said that he didn't start the fight and he tried defending himself. Darius didn't want his parents finding out about the dog that attacked him. Later on that week, he noticed something wasn't normal. He could hear things that he couldn't hear before, his sense of smell, sight and strength had increased too. He wondered why he could do these things. Darius remembered was attacked by that dog. What if the dog wasn't a dog? That night, the moon was full, and he morphed into his wolf state and a couple hours later came to and he nearly killed his family. Darius took all the money he could find and ran away at age 16. Trying to keep in control of his newfound gift, he kept to himself and tried to stay out of trouble. He also met a shadowhunter who he became friends with and taught him about the world he is now apart of. He died protecting him from a demon attack. He promised to respect Shadowhunters and help them in times of trouble. Eventually, he met a pack of werewolves in New York City and stayed with them.

Personality: Darius is a reserved but serious guy. When he's around the pack he tends to lighten up but ignores others who don't take things seriously. Since he's new to being a Down-worlder, he can't always control his transformations. Whenever he gets mad or irritated, he starts to grow claws from his nails and fangs in his mouth. Darius doesn't like to show his feelings much because he doesn't want people to find out what he's feeling. Once you get to know him, he's a nice and caring guy and who looks out for his friends.
Being with his pack mates
Fair folk
Relationship Status; With who:Single but looking

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PostSubject: Re: Darius Alkaev (Werewolf)   Darius Alkaev (Werewolf) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 13, 2014 1:25 am

Accepted! Great characters. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Darius Alkaev (Werewolf)
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