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 Godric Hailstar (Shadowhunter)

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PostSubject: Godric Hailstar (Shadowhunter)   Godric Hailstar (Shadowhunter) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2011 7:03 pm

Name: Godric Hailstar

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Description: Godric is 6'1" with a very lean, athletic build. He has brown hair and auburn colored eyes. He heads the New York institute with a rather calm demenor, tending to remain calm even during heated debates. However he is strict when he needs to be. Around the Institute he will usually be seen wearing casual black dress pants, with a buttoned down shirt that's usually a few buttons opened at the top, as well as black dress shoes.

History: Godric was born and raised in Idris. Spending his childhood being trained by his father in the arts of shadowhunting, as his mother schooled him. Growing up shadowhunting was his passion, but there was another thing in his life. Her name was Oliva, Oliva Cartwright. He was infatuated with her since they were eight years old. After training every day the two would meet up at a tree near their homes and just sit and talk for hours. Then Godric would proceed to go home and tell his parents all about the day. They would return smiles at their sons excitement. His father would always say in a husky voice, "Sounds to me like you've found a keeper son." Always beaming a smile down at his son's enthusiasm. As Godric got older he'd always think his dad was teasing him, always telling his father, "We're just friends dad." Then his mother would interject, "Ok hunny. We believe you."

Years went by and Oliva remained his bestfriend through the good and bad. It seemed as though they were always perfect. Never fighting, always laughing. Until one day when the two were sixteen. Godric had told Olivia to meet him at the tree like usual and she agreed as usual. However that day Godric sat at the tree waiting. Hours went by and finally he saw Olivia. Only she wasn't coming to the tree, she was walking down the road....with another boy. That was the day Godric realized his true feelings. Rage, and hurt filled his body as he sprinted home, tears stinging his eyes as he fought them back.
He arrived home hours earlier than usual, slamming the door behind him as he entered. Shocked his parents asked if he was alright, and they could see he was shaking with rage. Assuming what was wrong his father asked, "Olivia has a boyfriend doesn't she?" Anger still filling him he replied with a simple, "Yes." And stalked off to his room.

Weeks went buy and Godric hadn't spoken to Olivia. He'd seen her in passing and she'd tried to say "Hi" but he simply kept walking. One day she came to the door crying asking his mother if she could talk to him. Being stubborn Godric refused. He heard her take off running through the tears. Furious with him his mother scolded him, "She comes to you crying and you send her away?!" He didn't want to hear it, he stalked out to the back yard and started working on his swordsmanship. Slashing wildly for what seemed like hours until another sword came in contact with his. It was his father looking not angry, but understanding. "Son, you need to go talk to her." "NO." he replied stubbornly. His father looked back to him and said, "Fine, I disarm you, and you hear me out?" Godric accepted his fathers challenge and needless to say, was disarmed in seconds. So he sat down as his father explained, "Look Godric, that girl has been crazy about you since you two were kids. But you have to understand, you never showed more than wanting to be friends. You couldn't expect her to wait around forever. But it's your life, so I'm going to leave you with this in mind. The things you love are worth fighting for." Suddenly something clicked in Godric's head. He did love Olivia. Dropping his sword he took off running to where he knew she'd be.
Godric stopped as he was a few feet away from the tree where Olivia sat crying. Her blonde hair covering her face. Something about this reminded him how beautiful she was. Just then she looked at him, her eyes red with tears. She got up trying to explain everything at once to Godric, but he didn't even hear her, he covered the space between them with a quick walk. As he reached her his hands went up and cupped her face. Then they were kissing. Seconds went by so slowly. He hadn't expected her to kiss him back but she had. Pulling away from her lips he looked her dead in the eyes and smiled. "That was a few years overdue."

Three years went by and the couple got married. However marriage came with complications. By the time they were twenty-two Olivia had gotten pregnant. Things seemed great, they were soon going to have a family. Out of nowhere, Olivia had a miscarriage. Godric had felt his heart drop at the news. It ate him up. But he knew no matter how he felt, his wife was being torn apart even more. Right after it happened Olivia wouldn't leave the house. She just laid on the couch crying. Olivia had been showing signs of suicide and Godric knew if that happened he wouldn't be able to live. Eventually Oliva came too but she was still always upset about it. They both had wanted a child more than anything.

When the Clave called their next meeting Godric and Olivia were given new life. The Clave was looking for a volunteer to head the Institute in New York. As this was said the couple looked at eachother and like they had since they were kids, both could seem to see into the others eyes and see what was on their mind. Immediately Godric stood and said, "My wife and I would like to volunteer our services." Without any problems from their fellow Clave members they were granted custody of the Institute where they now live, tending to the kids who live there as their own kids.

Personality: Godric is a very calm and stable man, rarely showing anger unless it seems truely needed. He's kind hearted like his father before him and very trustworthy. He's loyal and a fierce father figure to all that he houses in the Institute.

Likes: Kids
Being a father.

Dislikes: Disloyalty

Weapon of Choice: One handed swords are his speciality as well as the sythe and bow and arrow.

Relationship Status; With who: Married to Olivia Hailstar

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Godric Hailstar (Shadowhunter)
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