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 Chester Bradshaw (Vampire)

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PostSubject: Chester Bradshaw (Vampire)   Chester Bradshaw (Vampire) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 17, 2012 9:18 pm

(Thanks Jazz!)
Name: Chester Bradshaw

Gender: Male

Appearance Age: 22

True Age: 27

Description: Chester is 6'0" with short black hair, pale skin, and red eyes. He has a very muscular build with wide set shoulders. Being that he's a fairly new vampire he dresses like someone of the century as to blend in as best he can.

History: Chester was born in Seattle, Washington in 1984. Growing up Chester lived a very nice life. He came from money so he always had the newest stuff. But unlike most spoiled kids he didn't spend his time blowing money of frivolous things. He spent a lot of his time with his studies, excelling at the top of his class in high school. But not only was he dedicated to his studies he was also a dedicated athlete, being the starting quarterback of his high school for four years. After graduation in which he was valedictorian, he took a full ride scholarship to the University of Washington for football. College, just like high school for Chester was a brilliant experience. He seemed to be heading for a bright future until one terrible night during his senior year that changed everything. He had led his team to a big win and they'd gone out to celebrate. Everyone was there, but being the responsible kid that he was Chester wasn't drinking, just spending time with his girlfriend of three years and having fun. As the night drew to a close Chester and his girlfriend decided to leave the bar before his friends, seeing as they were going to be out for a long night anyway. So walking through the very crowded parking lot something caught Chester's eye. A man, dressed in all black with long hair was following them. "Baby, when I tell you to run, you run." he whispered to his girlfriend. She gave him a look of disbelief but seeing the seriousness in his eyes she nodded. With that Chester turned around to face thier stalker. The man stopped immediately and gave a small smile and said, "You're Chester Bradshaw aren't you?" his voice sounded nice enough but there was a hint of drunkenness in his words. Chester simply nodded and the man added, "I saw the game, you're quite the athlete. Strong boy, smart boy. You'll make a fine warrior." Confused out of his mind Chester yelled for his girlfriend to run and she did. However this would prove to be of no use. The man moved so fast, he was in front of Chester's girlfriend before she made it ten feet. His smile was so cincal, it was as if he was enjoying himself to no end. Then in another swift move the man sank his teeth into the poor girls neck. Chester charged the man, "Brittany!" he screamed. The man lifted his head from the girls neck and had blood running not from teeth....but fangs..actual fangs. He dropped the girl and grabbed Chester when he came in throwing a punch. He threw him effortlessly into a nearby car, completely denting the passenger side door. Chester couldn't believe what was happening. He swore he was dreaming. Then he blacked out.

When he came to it felt as if hours had gone by but it must have only been minutes because no one had come outside even with all the commotion. Chester's eyes focused and he saw the strange man over Brittany's dead body, slicing her throat with a knife smiling and laughing as he did. Chester thought this guy was sick and twisted but this was beyond human. Just then the man looked up and grinned even wider. He walked over to Chester and knelt down so they were at eye level. The man eyed him for a moment then sunk his teeth into Chester's neck. The pain was excruciating. Finally he felt the teeth leave his neck. He thought it would finally be over. Then the man did something else that surprised Chester. He slit his own wrist and held it up to Chester, "Drink and you won't die." He didn't want to drink, but he didn't want to die so he drank. After a minute the man pulled away still wearing the same evil grin. "Now." The man said, "You shall live for eternity." And with that Chester felt as his neck snapped, and the lights went out.

He was dead, then all of a sudden, he was gasping hard but something inside him was telling, he didn't need to. Looking around he was horrifed to see his hands covered in dirt as well as the rest of his body. Next to him was a hole, not just a hole he thought, but a grave. Suddenly out of nowhere came the strange man, but he wasn't alone. He had a young girl with im, roughly fourteen to sixteen. The man still wore his smug smile. "What did you do to me?!" Chester yelled at the man. The man laughed and simply replied, "I've granted you immortality, but you must drink or you will die." Horrified Chester responded, "Never." But something in him wanted to sink his teeth into the girl. He felt a horrible pain in his mouth and reached his finger up. It came in contact with one fang, then the other. This couldn't be happening. He looked back to the man and watched as the man cut a small slit into the girls neck, releasing a stream of blood. Almost reflexively Chester sprang and sunk his fangs into her neck. It was over in seconds. Chester had drained all of the girls blood, and it felt....good. However good it felt though he was still horrifed. "Wha...what am I?" he asked, but he already knew the answer. The man chuckled and said, "You're a vampire. I made you, therefore you will obey me. I'll be your mentor....your master." Chester didn't want it to be true but what other choice did he have. He wasn't stupid, he knew help would be needed in this new...life. Feeling like a zombie he replied, "Ok. Can I at least know your name?" Not expecting an answer he was surprised when the man spoke, "My name is Christopher Demetrius."

After his awakening Chester followed Christopher around the country, helping Christopher kill and feed. He hated himself but hey he was surviving. They'd stayed in Asia for the past 5 years until Christopher recieved a phone call, "Yes master, I'll head there at once." Now they were headed to New York......

Personality: Retaining some of his human nature, he feels sorrow and disgust at what he does. However he enjoys it. Never getting close to people since his last girlfriend he feels he's lost all compassion. Unlike his maker he's very polite.

Likes: Football
Fast Cars

Dislikes: Having to drink blood.

Relationship Status; With who: Single

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PostSubject: Re: Chester Bradshaw (Vampire)   Chester Bradshaw (Vampire) I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 18, 2012 12:15 am

APPROVED Smile looking forward to seeing this play out
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Chester Bradshaw (Vampire)
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